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Listening to the SEN interview with Peter Shulman it appears that if Port does not do well financially then it would consider going back to a allignment. Peter Shulman stated "At this point in time this is the approach we are adopting (being stand alone), we are going through a strategy review to see if this is the correct model but the next 12 - 24 months will determine if this is how we remain"


Most likely talking about something that will never happen but i think going back to a allignment will see membership and crowd numbers drop as well as sponsors. Would rather see them play in a lower league independantly than play in a allignment.

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I think the days of alignments are over - the AFL clubs are going in the direction of standalone reserves. 

I think Port will be ok, but I can't see how the football economics stack up long term. 1000 members (optimistic) is worth 70 grand. 500 payers per week at $10 is $45000. Sponsorship and beer sales can't make up the rest.


We all know it both Port and Willy without the pokies money would be stuffed As it is Port with a downturn in pokie profit are struggling to pay the bills.

I predict that by 2020 the current VFL will be an AFL reserves comp in all but name and with luck maybe Port and Willy as the only ex VFA standalone teams.

Coburg are on the brink all the time and Frankston might not come back to the VFL and who knows what is going to happen to Nth Ballarat with the board turmoil Dark days ahead for these three clubs.

My club Sandringham will eventually be swallowed up by St Kilda once Moorabbin Oval in fixed up and St Kilda move back there..