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JJ Liston Medal (and last ever A. Todd) medal predictions.

Thought. Has anyone seen odds? Pinwill I believe should win the JJ.

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As far as Im aware there are no betting markets on the Liston. Cant remember it in previous years either.

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Nick Meese would be a huge chance

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What does the future hold for the Todd medal? Will it be assigned to new award or will it discarded like so much of the VFA history.

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Found a market at Crownbet

Selection JJ Liston Trophy Winner
Michael Gibbons (Williamstown) 5.00
Toby Pinwill (Port Melbourne) 5.00
Jacob Townsend (Richmond) 7.00
Eli Templeton (Port Melbourne) 8.00
Andrew Moore (Box Hill) 9.00
Jacob Ballard (Richmond) 10.00
Matt Hanson (Werribee) 12
Jack Trengove (Casey) 12
Nick Meese (Williamstown) 13
Nick Jamieson (Footscray) 15
Anthony Miles (Richmond) 15
Heath Hocking (Essendon) 15
Tom O'Sullivan (Port Melbourne) 15
James Tsitas (Geelong) 17
Ben Kennedy (Casey) 17
Lukas Webb (Footscray) 17
Jay Kennedy-Harris (Casey) 17
Willie Wheeler (Williamstown) 19
Ryley Barrack (Werribee) 19
Dillon Vojo-Rainbow (Port Melbourne) 21
Cam O'Shea (Northern Blues) 21
Brett Bewley (Williamstown) 21
Leigh Masters (Williamstown) 21
Adam Marcon (Williamstown) 21
Corey Maynard (Casey) 26
Nick O'Brien (Essendon) 26
Damian Mascitti (Port Melbourne) 26
Brendon Whitecross (Box Hill) 26
Bayley Fritsch (Casey) 26
Tom Wilson (Northern Blues) 26
Brodie Murdoch (Port Melbourne) 34
Matthew Scharenberg (Collingwood) 34
Mason Cox (Collingwood) 34
Liam Hunt (Coburg) 34
Ben Cavarra (Williamstown) 34
Aaron Francis (Essendon) 34
Luke Kiel (North Ballarat) 34
Ben Jolley (Williamstown) 34
Ben Howlett (Essendon) 41
Corey Ellis (Richmond) 41
Wil Hayes (Footscray) 41
Nick Rippon (North Ballarat) 41
Sam Dwyer (Port Melbourne) 41
Nick Okearney (Sandringham) 41
Jackson Ramsay (Collingwood) 51
Wylie Buzza (Geelong) 51
Blaine Boekhorst (Northern Blues) 51
Lachlan George (North Ballarat) 51
Josh Newman (Williamstown) 51
Kade Answerth (Sandringham) 51
Jake Batchelor (Richmond) 51
Kayle Kirby (Collingwood) 51
Robin Nahas (Port Melbourne) 51
Max Warren (Box Hill) 51
Sam Switkowski (Box Hill) 51
Mitch Gent (Casey) 51
Ben Allan (Coburg) 51
Tom Atkins (Geelong) 51
Craig Bird (Essendon) 51
Tim English (Footscray) 51
Sam McLachlan (Geelong) 51
Josh Begley (Essendon) 51
Michael Sodomaco (Werribee) 51
Chris Cain (Port Melbourne) 51
Brody Mihocek (Port Melbourne) 67
Luke Tynan (Port Melbourne) 67
Dallas Willsmore (Box Hill) 67
Chris Mayne (Collingwood) 67
Ryan Exon (Coburg) 67
Luke Bunker (Coburg) 67
Jordan Russell (Footscray) 67
Lewis Young (Footscray) 67
Luke Russell (Norther Blues) 67
Brayden Preuss (Werribee) 67
Ben Lennon (Richmond) 67
David Mirra (Box Hill) 81
Tyrone Vickery (Box Hill) 81
Jack Hutchins (Casey) 81
Mitch White (Casey) 81
Gus Borthwick (Collingwood) 81
Jake Edwards (Geelong) 81
Mitch Honeychurch (Footscray) 81
Lachlan Cassidy (North Ballarat) 81
Myke Cook (Sandringham) 81
Teia Miles (Box Hill) 101
Angus Scott (Casey) 101
Tom Bellchambers (Essendon) 101
Alex Boyse (Essendon) 101
Liam Jones (Northern Blues) 101
Dennis Armfield (Northern Blues) 101
Dylan Weickhardt (Sandringham) 101
Bailey Rice (Sandringham) 101
Luke Dunstan (Sandringham) 126
James Munro (Casey) 151
Josh Daicos (Collingwood) 151
Josh Iacobaccio (Coburg) 151
Dylan Conway (Port Melbourne) 251
Brandon White (Sandringham) 251
Declan Mountford (Werribee) 251
Sean Gregory (Coburg) 251
Anthony Brolic (Box Hill) 251
Declan Hamilton (Footscray) 251
Rowan Marshall (Sandringham) 251
Jordan Lisle (Port Melbourne) 501


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Dillon Vojo-Rainbow - $21

Sneaky outsider.  Toby Pinwill at $5 is about right.  Every chance of picking up a JJ Liston this year.


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Nick Meese $13 good odds. Gibbons can win a second Liston. Toby definate chance. Jacob Townsend has been great for Richmond. Vojo- Rainbow good outsider. Expect Williamsftown to post most votes comfortably.


Get off it George !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

NorthPort's picture

Mercedes at $13 is extremely good value I would have thought. Had a phenomenal season.