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Ron Burger
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Leigh Adams to coach Coburg 2018-2019

Very positive coaching announcement yesterday with a recently retired AFL player in Leigh Adams fresh off coaching South Croydon to the EFL Div 1 premiership (arguably the strongest suburban league in Victoria), appointed senior coach of Coburg FC for 2018/19.

He's Level 3 qualified and part of the Next Coach program. Will bring modern ideas, a very positive vibe and hopefully a few new recruits in the playing and coaching arena to bolster our program as we push on with a single team model. 

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It is reading like a very good appointment by the Lions.  The competition needs a healthy and competitive Coburg Football Club.  Hopefully this is one of the steps in the right direction.


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Did a great job at South Croydon as mentioned, and well on the AFL coaching pathway program. At this early juncture seems to be a great appointment.

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