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Leigh Osbourne

Does anyone know why Ozzie parted company with Port? Did he go back to local footy somewhere?

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I'm unsure of the reasons, I'd love to know as well. It comes not too long after the departure of Valenti.



Played for East Ringwood on Saturday.

Ron Burger
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Gary Ayres pumps everyone's tyres up, telling 45 blokes they'll never play Development at Port......yet all but a handful do. Osborne played AFL with GC didn't he? Has hardly played VFL this year.

After a while, it would sh!t anyone to tears wouldn't it? 


Worked his way into the senior team after a great first 3-4 games of the year then headed to Europe for 5 weeks. Then departed..

Port's injury list combined with the departures of Valenti, Osborne and Batsanis has really effected the depth of the club and particularly the development side which looked unbeatable and is now struggling.

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Amazing story of how he made it to AFL. Was playing with East Ringwood and rocked up to Frankston pre season training uninvited and asked if he could have a run. Had a good year with Frankston and made the VFL representative team, and finished up being drafted to Gold Coast Suns with pick 2 in the 2013 Rookie Draft. 




Tread carefully when bagging Garry,

There a very sensitive mob !!

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Ron Burger
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I'm not suggesting he can't coach, or is anything less than a decent bloke but there's been more than a few players switch to/from Coburg to Port and the consistent theme seems to be selling the opportunity to play regularly in a competitive viable senior team, and finding out that the same sentiments have been expressed to pretty much everyone else on the list.

At least Coburg follows through - as we have such massive player turnover, lack of wins to justify stability, and relative eveness in our mediocre list that any kid who does play well in Development gets a crack at VFL at some stage! 

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I doubt that that's correct (not saying your lying but maybe the source of information is not correct), I would find it hard to believe that Gary would promise 45 players first team football only. This would be contradictory to what he has said publicly when analysing team line ups and suggesting that players could be dropped to the 2s if they do not perform and also contradictory to the chat he had with Shane Vallenti about the challenges he would face to play in the 1s after being away for a few years.

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Ron Burger
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I suspect it's part of the standard spiel to any recruits who are thinking whether to play with an AFL aligned/reserves or stand alone. May well be lost in translation. 

With the carrot of 22 slots for VFL players -v- anywhere between only 4 - maybe 12 depending on injuries (when the AFL sides control the majority of the VFL line up, and the coaching moves too).