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Major Sponsor Announcements from Dolphins

Tonight at a function at the club rooms. The committee announced that Frankston Park will be known as "Mornington Isuzu Ute Stadium" for 2017. Mornington Isuzu Ute and Graham Quarries were announced as sponsors also to 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Membership has grown from 150 to 400 in last 3 weeks.


Also AFL South East have moved their offices from Somerville to the old,pokies room at the ground.

Ron Burger
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Excellent News indeed! 

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Great work! It must be incredibly hard to sell sponsorship without a footy team to attach it to. 400 members is just unbelievable! 

Well done to everyone involved.

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Great stuff. 400 members is probably about the same or even more than they had when the club was playing. How much was the ground naming rights worth ?

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Great news for Frankston. Really hope they can get there VFL lincense back for the 2018 season.

Port's strategy of using the media has got them off to a great start after a financial loss in 2016. I believe the membership total is on 930 at the moment and they club is implimenting numerous ways to raise money over the course of the year.

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Very interesting state of play at Frankston at present. There are 14 of their players from 2016 playing for other VFL clubs this year all of whom can return to Frankston in 2018 if they wish. If any of them decide to stay where they are now, Frankston will be compensated by that club with a transfer fee. I imagine they would get nearly all of them back so they mighnt be that far off the money in 2018. Thats a good base, and there a few other good players who went to local leagues who may return, add the Stingrays ( I believe they may also target Gippsland Power  too) and MPNFL, and they have a decent starting point. New coach appointment will be very important, hopefully they can get the right man to build a new team. (Wondering if club legend PK would be interested?)

It will be interesting if Willy wins the flag this year, which may throw a spanner in Frankstons works for 2018. I think Willy got 6 or 7 of Frankstons best, and it may make leaving that club very hard if they are premiership players. 

Looking forward to how it plays out....