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Notable signings 2017

Thought it would be good to have one spot to see who the different teams have signed up from the AFL, VFL and other main state leagues, let me know if I've missed anyone.  It seems the stand alone teams have been the busiest, or at least the best at keeping their fans updated!

Cameron O'Shea (Port Adelaide)
Luke Russell (Gold Coast)
Alex Browne (Essendon)

Box Hill
Andrew Moore (Richmond)
Billy Evans (Brisbane)
Will Hams (Essendon)

Yilber Zijai (Sandringham)
Nathan Gardiner (Frankston)
Nathan Foote (Frankston)
Blake McGrath?? (ex-Frankston)
Gach Nyuon?? (Essendon)

Tom Wallis (Essendon)
Josh Watts (Brisbane)
Darrean Wyatt (Collingwood)
Nick Mellington (Richmond VFL)
Pat Lawlor (Box Hill)
Liam Kidd (Box Hill)
Hisham Kerbatieh (Blues)
Daman Aujla (Blues)
Ryan Exon (Frankston)
Blake Mullane (Frankston)
James El Moussalli (Essendon VFL)
Tyler Curtis (Williamstown)

Alex Woodward (Hawthorn)
Michael Chippendale (Norwood)
Stephen Tahana (North Adelaide)

Nick O'Brien (returning)
Sam Hooper (Nth Ballarat)
Michael Luxford (Geelong)
Jock Cornell (Geelong)
Alex Carr?? (Williamstown)
Danny Younan (Coburg)
Ozgur Uysal?? (Coburg)

Matt Goodyear (Collingwood)
Jayden Foster (Carlton)
Billy Gowers (Carlton)

Ben Maloney (Collingwood VFL)
Rob Condy (returning)
Daniel Capiron (Frankston)

North Ballarat
Brenton Payne (St Kilda)
Toby Thoolen (ex Port Melbourne)

Port Melbourne
Robin Nahas (Nth Melb)
Dillon Viojo-Rainbow (Carlton)
Brody Murdoch (St Kilda)
Eli Templeton (St Kilda)
Dylan Conway (Williamstown)
Anthony Anastasio?? (Williamstown)
Aaron Wilson (Frankston)
Mitch Woofindin (returning)
Charlie Kelso (Sandringham)
Isaac Conway (Werribee)

Hugh Beasley (Brisbane)
Brandon Wood (Frankston)
Jayden Cass?? (Frankston)

Tom Curren (St Kilda)

Kyle Galloway (Sydney)

Joel Tippett (Nth Melb)
Adam Marcon (Richmond)
Luke Goetz (Western Bulldogs)
Ben Cavarra (Frankston)
Josh Newman (Frankston)
Corey Yeo (Claremont)
Mitch Banner (returning)
Daylan Kempster (Frankston)
Kyle Gray (Frankston) 
Jason Pongracic (Frankston)
Josh Pickess (Frankston)

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Jayden Cass to Richmond? Heard he was going...not sure if he did.


Blake Mullane is a nice pickup for Coburg. Looks to me like a good player looking for somewhere to happen.

Played some excellent footy at times last year. Burst midfielder who can really open a game up.


Isaac Conway ex Brisbane/Werribee has been spotted down at North Port but yet to be signed. Goes without saying that Willy will take some beating in 2017! They have had a great summer.

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Story in local newspaper Tom Curren (delisted Saint) has signed with Sandy. No news forthcoming from the TBO bunker


With the Zebras now being no more than the St Kilda seconds they need very few VFL listed players.

Id be surprised if they recruit any decent VFL standard players.Will most likely rely on  cheap Sandy Dragons top ups for the DEV league.

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Will sandy become stkilda zebras, southern saints or Sandringham saints?
Or is it more likely a wankers name like southern saints ? Sandringham would be lucky to recruit no more than a handful of players. Why bother as not many spots on list due to st kilda players. Who has more money st kilda or Sandringham? St kilda would not be flushed with funds. Be wary zebras and don't fall into the preston or springvale path.

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Both port and willy have recruited very well. Hoping coburg can go the next step and make the eight. Coburg have recruited ok but will need a good start next season and win the close games. If they do then they can be part of the September action which would be great for the standalone coburg.


Footscray have signed Matt Goodyear who was delisted by the Pies and Casey have added Yilber Zijai  from Sandringham (he left mid-year) and Blake McGrath, a 211cm ruck who was once on St Kilda's list and played at Frankston in 2011 is also there according to the great Paul Amy.

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Port and willy look very strong on paper, done a great job with recruiting, when is the cut off point for player signings?


The cut off date for signings is late June. Ayres wants his list done at Xmas he said.

Richmond have signed Hugh Beasley after 2 years at Brisbane. Played as a 23rd man at the Borough a few years back, good defender. 

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So you'd think valenti and anastasio won't sign then