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I see Willi have officially announced Mitch Banner's return, Coburg have signed Zac Webster from Hawthorn and Richmond have signed Hugh Beasley from Brisbane.

Ron Burger
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Quite a few ex-Box Hill lads now running around at Coburg. Goodwin, McEvoy, Exon, Leslie, Kidd and now Webster, hopefully continuing to bring insights from the elite program so we are a more professional outfit which can compete with the big dogs. 

I like it a lot. 

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Looks like coburg have recruited well. Coburg should be in for a better season and no reason they cannot play finals with a bit of luck especially winning the close ones and good run with injuries. Would be great for the comp to see coburg part of the September action.

Ron Burger
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Ins look good, but outs are pretty significant too.

Each year it seems we turn over 40-50% of our list, for various reasons. Players come for the opportunity, but leave for the money. 

The problem such high turnover creates is continuity and understanding of how individuals, and the team, play. Against the 6 day per week professionals, they're better drilled. Against the Ports and Willys, they're more familiar with each other.

i doubt we would have a single 50+ game VFL player on our list right now. Maybe Featherstone, with Goodwin to join him this season. Talent is great, but trust and understanding of team mates and game plans take time. If anything last season showed us that when things get tight, those teams who could trust in their team mates and the game plan were able to prevail.


North Ballarat have signed Brenton Payne from St Kilda, Footscray have picked up Billy Gowers and Jayden Foster from Carlton, and Collingwood have signed SANFL duo Michael Chippendale (premiership player at Norwood) and young gun Stephen Tahana from Nth Adelaide. All updated in the original post.

Wally from Will...
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Not a lot of recruiting has gone on at Sandy basically just TAC players but a lot of good quality VFL players have left and joined other VFL clubs why?


Ron Burger
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From the outside it would appear the VFL players from Sandy who left would either:

1. not want to play in an AFL seconds environment as top up players; or

2. have decided that the new arrangement between St Kilda and Sandy is too "raw" politically and they want a fresh start. 

I noticed that the North Ballarat Rebels (TAC) have just rebranded themselves as the GREATER WESTERN VICTORIA REBELS. 

Wonder if the Roosters will follow their lead? 


Most likely Ronnie.

A lot will hinge on the outcome from the oncoming AGM.

If the current bunch of rednecks stay changes are unlikely.

If the Peter Wilson ticket is successful a change of name is inevitable to try & encompass the entire region.

Maybe  "The Western Region Roosters"

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Wally from Will...
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What is that likely to achieve digs? additional supporters or sponsors in Warrnambool or Portland? didn't work for Preston changing their name to Northern Knights/Bullants or North Melbourne becoming the Kangaroos and most Western Bulldogs supporters that i know still refer to them as Footscray.

If the Roosters played games in other centres in the Western Region i can see some merit, but if they continue to train in Ballarat & play in Ballarat then what is the point?