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Can't see the weekends preliminary finals being moved. No doubt we will get a bit more rain before the weekend. The ground will cope ok. You won't be getting a crowd the size of essendon v footscray on the weekend to either games although if the dogs beat hawthorn on friday night and weather holds off ok you might get a few more doggies fans attending the saturday.

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nothing like a hypothetical to get a reaction VFA . sandy's ground was put o notice 4 weeks  before the finals but channel 7 put the srews in tbo will be hosting an ammo's  gf this weekend.  CLARRY



Surface was fine on Sunday, surprised if the middle isn't covered on non-playing days as nobody is training on the ground at present.




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Nothing wrong with the surface at Princes Park but when you see an old stand that has planks of wood with nails sticking out that is simply not on. Also there is grass and weeds growing on a roof in one of the other stands. About time Carlton spent some dollars on the ground. Imagine if Ch7 covered a finals game there and the cameras got that vision in their telecast. Reckon there would be a bit of a reaction.


Where have you been all week vfa? Its been pissing down everyday and if the mud heap centre square hasnt been covered it will be a quagmire

The lack of undercover seating at North Port Oval or shuold I say the Port Melbourne Cricket Ground is telling with only one Grandstand that seats 700- 800? the ground is from a bygone era and looks it.The dressing rooms also are not up to the standard needed for our suppossed best league outside the AFL It really is hicksville ok for 1916 not 2016.

The other massive problem is the parking or should I say lack of any decent parking close to the ground when a big crowd turns up.

One of the best features was the old wooden stand at the Australia Post end and with that gone the place has very little atmosphere and with the forecast of 60 70 % of rain on both days good luck is seeing some good footy and decent crowds no use sitting on the loverly "grassy mounds" when its wet.

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Where would play then billy ?
I will be there on sunday at north port oval rain, hail or shine. Hoping for a seagulls victory. Saturday going to local footy at yarra glen watching warburton millgrove v kinglake and again rain, hail or shine. If it pours it pours. Footy is a winter sport. Not fazed one iota on what the heavens brings. Why was the old wooden stand get pulled down at north port oval ? It had a bit of character.

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Junction Oval not available this weekendsmiley.. see   post Junction Oval


Onya Billy spot on. It's time for this love affair with Port oval to be terminated.

The venue has not seen any spectator improvements for 50 years & is not suitable for high standard football.

The only support the oval gets on this site is from the diehard Port followers for some strange reason !!

Wouldnt have nothing with home finals....Would it ??  

The only finals that should be played there are the cricket finals.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Junction oval is ready for a late change of venue in case the heavens open up from above. Lol. Seriously junction oval in its heyday had one of the best surfaces during winter. Have to also say beach road also had great surface.


North Port's a good venue for the first three weeks of  finals, about the perfect size for the crowds that come. Some issues with the surface this year but Port's been hosting finals for almost two decades and the surface has been good for the vast majority of games in September.

Agree with Northport that an investment from the AFL to put in some covered seating with footings for catering vans underneath at the city end would make it almost perfect for the first three weeks. As for the GF, well there doesn't seem to be a suitable venue anywhere in Melbourne for the VFL GF, which is a real shame.