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Not really surprising but when Toby Pinwall plays for Waverley Blues he'll play for no pay,speaks volumes for the bloke

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Alex Carr, brother of Willi hard nut Ed, training with Port, according to Paul Amy

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Youngster Wade Donnan from Bendigo Pioneers is the latest player to be transfered to Port. Potrs list is near completion with I believe only perhaps one or two spots left in the squad.  Port has lost alot of experience and it appears it is aiming at developing  youngsters for the future. The squad is still pretty good in my opinions but obviously does not have the depth and cover of last year, therefore injuries could be a problem.

Predictions are varied - sportsbet has them as favourites whilst others have said that they will do well to compete in finals. Personally I think the team will be for the most part competitive and should make finals. I predict a finish somewhere between 5th and 8th spot.

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I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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List of players for this weekends practice match (headshots only)

I'm still in NZ so I'm going to miss this weekends game.

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Reckon 5th to 8th is about right, lots of youngsters signed, just off topic have memberships been sent out yet?

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From the Port Melbourne Twitter account...

FT: Casey 12.9.81 defeat our 10.6.66. GOALS: Lisle 5, Anastasio 2, Haretuku, Wenn, Atkins. Next up we take on at Trevor Barker Oval on Friday night!

Plenty to look forward to!  I'm a good chance of getting along to the game against Sandringham on Friday night..


I believe Lisle has been appointed Captian, and led from the front today with his 5 goals.

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Yep, agree Port look a 5-8 team. If they have an awesome run with injuries could be top 4, but a bad run with injuries could see them miss. They don't have a lot of room for error with the amount of depth that's been lost.

The fact they don't have a devt league team to bring new players through also hurst big time. There couldn't have been a worse year to lose so many experienced senior players and replace them with guys who are new to the VFL.