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St kilda reserves closer to last than first Billy. Wont get too many old zebra supporters watching them this season and will get poor crowds in most games. If st kilda has a spate of injuries they will struggle to win a game.

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Positives all round in tonight’s comfortable win over @sandyzebs! ✅✅

FINAL SCORE: Borough 10.14.74 def. Sandy 3.5.23.

GOALS: Pearson 2, King, Haretuku, Walker, Dickson, Nahas, Wenn, Lisle, D. Conway.

Practice match # 3 = @VFL_Dolphins @ Frankston next Saturday!


I never got to the game due to work commitments. I believe Sandringham had just the one AFL listed player.


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Is wenn for port any relation to ex oakleigh and dandenong player from the 70s in David wenn ?
Wonder where the sandy players come from to make the numbers ? Without development league this year you wonder. How many different clubs were represented in Sandy's team against port ??


Yesterday’s Games

North Melbourne 11-12(78) def Williamstown 8-11(59)

Casey Demons 12-15(87) def Box Hill Hawks 4-8(32)


Im with you vfa I wont be going to any matches and for the first time in many years I didnt buy a membership.

I only hope the Sandy board are saving as much money this season as they can for when St Kilda flick them next year.


Might be a bit of a Smokey Nth Melbourne !,

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


At Punt Road Oval yesterday

Richmond 19-13(127) def Northern Blues 11-7(73)


Yesterday at Olympic Park

Collingwood 13-11(89) def Box Hill 9-12(66)


Today at SkyBus Stadium

Geat win by Dolphins kicking 13-2 to 5-3 in 2nd half

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Wally from Will...
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promising for the Dollies, Willi won by 49 points over the Zebs at TBO