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Awesome last quarter at north port oval between the two traditional vfa clubs in their 250th meeting. Ch7 instead of televising this game they go to geelong where it looks terrible for vfl games. Absolute trash with two men and a dog. Kardinia park might be good for packed afl games and reckon night games would be good to go but as for ch7 televising vfl games forget about it.

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I assume you are referring to Nick Meese NorthPort, according to Paul Amy he had 76 hit-outs, 18 disposals and 11 tackles yesterday, an amazing performance.

It was almost a flashback to the 2011 GF with Anastasio dominating & putting the Burra in front for the first time late in the game after doing very little for the first three quarters and Dylan Conway missing twice with set shots. Anastasio almost kicked another goal with a long shot that bounced backwards and then Joel Tippett ran over the top of the ball. 

Classic encounter.


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Yes sorry MEESE, my phone chose to autocorrect that into somthing bizarre.

I thought the grandstand was pretty well packed. More than ususal, and had a contingent of Willy supoprters standing in our area.  Not sure how it looked on the Williamstown rd pocket.


Hoping we meet again in finals!


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Even better if we meet in the big dance 

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May the Roosters roll on Digs.
At least until August, 5th!


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From Willy rd it looked a little down in terms of numbers. Not as many under the stand. At a guess maybe 1000 ? Would have wanted more for 2v3 but the weather did not help.

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I wouldn't lose too much sleep over that one Lum !!

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