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Sandringham FC ..seeking new CEO.

Zebra's are advertising for new CEO.>>      Advert also appeared in local paper.

Will the position be filled by someone out of the St Kilda corporation?

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Side question about Sandy, do they have a proper 'social club' set up open all week like Preston used to, or has it fallen by the wayside like Preston's?

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two


Rats leaving the sinking ship comes to mind!I

How long before Corcoran and other long term members of the board follow to be replaced by St Kilda puppets?

Sound familiar to Preston,Box Hill and Springvale clubs taken over by AFL clubs.?

The criteria for the CEOs job looks like they are looking for a superman!

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danny corcoron resigned 6 weeks ago billy ! as for the ceo's job i guess john mennie was doing a lot more than you thought he was, see you at the AGM in feb. CLARRY 



Thought I would smoke you out!

Why would I bother to waste my time going to the AGM when the club is in its death throes to becoming St Kilda reserves.

Once you start to let an AFL club like St Kilda appoint the coach there is not much hope

Whats been the outcome of getting into bed with one of the worst clubs in VFL/AFL history ?- a couple finals runs after a long and fruitless 9 years with the Sandy faithful giving up the club in droves even on this website we are down to a couple who bother to comment anymore.

Still the one thing that St Kilda and their lackeys cannot take from me is the fact that I saw all ten of the flags and had some wonderful times Its sad that my kids and grandkids wont have that opportunity if the suspected St Kilda takeover does happen.. 

So much for the club having a "news" page on the website

Where was the news that Corcoran had jumped ship? as on 9/10 this was on the website Further enquiries can be obtained form club President Danny Corocoran ? BTW I cant see anyone decent applying for this dead end position.

If I ran my business like the SFC I would be broke within a year.

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well billy just sitting here in my tinnie waiting for your reply let me correct myself danny corcoran will hand over the reigns to nic johnston at the agm hopefully you will have the moral fibre to come out from behind your keyboard and be present at what will be a critical time in the clubs history but i doubt it. see you their if you dare lol ps john mennie sends his regards