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Sandringham FC Strategic Plan

The VFL has changed significantly over the eighteen years since the demise of the AFL Reserves competition and the development of the “new” VFL incorporating Melbourne-based AFL clubs, then-existing VFL clubs and other new clubs. The make up has been in constant change, testing all clubs’ ability to adapt and evolve. Clearly some haven’t survived the challenge. Our alignment with St Kilda Football Club remains for the foreseeable future as the reality is that we are not financially strong enough to explore options available to us. The alignment continues to develop and the current Boards and management of both clubs are keen to continue to work together, whilst acknowledging that our results since the commencement of the alignment haven’t been as successful as we’d hoped. However, personnel can change quickly at both clubs and change the relationship accordingly. With the dynamic nature of the AFL we need to develop contingency plans that provide the Club with multiple future roadmaps. It’s not about having to make those choices now but to better understand the choices and their execution complexity. That is clearly a role for the Board as custodians of the Club’s future. No President wants to be writing the epitaph. On that basis, the Board has undertaken a strategic review and will embark on exploring many roadmaps, and will engage with members along the way. Remember, this is not forcing the Board to make any rash decisions but to provide options for the future. I commend to you to digest this document and see where you can to assist the Club. We look forward to sharing the challenge with you going forward. Go Zebras! Nick Johnstone President Sandringham Football Club SANDRINGHAM FOOTBALL CLUB

More information on the Sandringham FC website.

Not much hope of standing alone in the near future which is disappointing.


Im sorry but having read the website version its just a load of modern day business/marketing claptrap.
Like this doozy "whilst acknowledging that our results since the commencement of the alignment haven’t been as successful as we’d hoped." The alignment with St Kilda has been a disaster and will take years to recover from - if ever.
Im sorry it wont the Sandys decision to end the alignment it will be St Kildas when ii suite them.

And while Im at it whats with the cartoonish new logo that that looks like a 12 year old kid designed it?

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I find this direction incredibly sad. Can only imagine the frustration of Sandy supporters as your club continues to be swallowed by the basket case that is St.Kilda. This has serious ramifications for other standalone clubs too, as with only 3 alignments remaining it's great to watch any of them end. The quicker the better, so there can finally be a solution to this ridiculous hybrid of a competition.