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Every time I heard The Grim Reaper speak about the Development League closure he said it was "unsustainable" - whatever the f**k that means. Given he is an accountant , and just about every decision he has made relates to the financial health of the AFL , I would guess Paul's explanation would be right.  Fiscal policies v player opportunites? Money will win everytime.

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Crownbet's Premiership Market. Looks a bit more realistic than the first markets out.


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This could be the last year of this competition anyway if Damian Barrett is right,said on the footy show the AFL is currently in the process of reverting to an 18 club national reserves comp as early as next year which McGuire actually confirmed.

As Bert Bryant used to say "where there's smoke there's blue cod"

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I have always tried to be loyal to any organisation in which I am associated with. The quicker this soul less competition implodes the better and a true Victorian 2nd tier comp is formed.
I know times have changed; how did the cost of running a footy club rise to the point where all but the top elite are financially struggling to survive.


So if the AFL set up their own reserves comp what about the Port,Willy,Werribee,Frankston,Coburg and maybe Sandy will hopefully piss St Kilda off and Nth Ballarat come back in maybe just maybe the VFA could be brought back with  a couple of other clubs like Noble Park  to make a slimmed down 10 team comp.At least the ex VFA clubs could play in their own real comp.  You can also kiss the TV goodbye as CH 7 will do the AFL reserves 100%.

Box Hill, Preston and Springvale/Casey are already AFL reserves teams

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2019 new comp maybe willy, port, coburg, werribee, Frankston, sandy after pissing off st kilda vultures, north ballarat returning and a handful of strong country/metro teams that want to join. Not sure about casey nee Springvale, preston or box hill. They might fold as Melbourne, box hill and carlton will finish them off. These old clubs have hardly got a heartbeat and worse than in intensive care.

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Very concerning comments, especially when considering what this will do to membership numbers, sponsorship, gates and revenue - all would be dramatically affected. Will clubs be able to survive on much reduced revenue ?

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Depends if they want to survive Costs would have to be trimmed but clubs could still be viable if they manage the situation properly.