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Off-season moves... And it's our very own Robbo!

Image result for michael robinson frankstonFrankston legend Michael 'Robbo' Robinson has just confirmed that this afternoon he has accepted a role at the Sandringham Football Club  working in the Time-Keepers position for the 2017 Peter Jackson VFL season.

'Robbo' has stated that he intends to return to his position at Frankston when the club rejoins the competition in 2018.

Robbo won't be lost to Frankston in 2017 however,  helping out with club functions throughout the season. 


I'm sure I speak for everyone here, in wishing Robbo all the best at the Zebras in 2017.


Looking forward to next year. Big thank you to both clubs,

Here is my statement to Dolphins staff and members this evening

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Ron Burger
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I admire your pragmatism and passion Robbo.

However I doubt the Ex-FFC players and coaches will be so firm in their belief that they will return to the club in 2018 after a year elsewhere. 

Thats the reality of modern football unfortunately.....



Ron Burger

As bad as the situation is you have to keep positive.

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Well done Robbo in staying with the competion; we need more off field heros..  The way things are going at Zebraland I would not count on "long service leave",