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So for the first time in many years at Port Melbourne

There will be an election for the board at this Sundays 11am AGM.

I'll shortly post up a list of names. Make sure you bring your 2016 membership to vote or send in the proxy form (will also attach). Interesting times!

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Adrian Bonaddio
Former player and current member of the Past Players committee Adrian has worked closely with the current football department with recruiting and player welfare initiatives. As a Project Manager with over 6 years in the property & construction industry Adrian is experienced with the development and management of various Mixed Use and Commercial projects.


Peter Bromley
Current director since 2003 and President since 2011. Now retired Peter worked in Local Government recreation for 35 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of management including strategic and master planning, facility development, management and operations of leisure centres and sports facilities.


Peter Burnham
Pete Burnham worked as product and marketing manager for TEAC Australia between 2005 and 2014. In that time he managed TEAC’s major sponsorship of the Port Melbourne Footy Club.
Pete helped increase exposure for the club by including imagery of players in billboard and point of sale campaigns for TEAC. As part of the major sponsorship, Pete procured TEAC TV’s, which were donated to the Footy Club and were sold in order to raise additional revenue. Pete also worked closely with club management on the digital scoreboard project, in which TEAC were major contributors.
Today Pete works in marketing for DIY Resolutions, which markets its products under the Kaboodle brand. Kaboodle is currently one of the largest kitchen manufacturers and distributors in Australia and New Zealand.
Pete has international business experience and holds dual citizenship in the USA & Australia. He is commercially minded and has full comprehension of marketing and sales principles. He has excellent written and verbal skills and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Northern University.


George Camov
DOB 23/09/1960
Reside in East Brighton.
Middle Park Primary School
South Melbourne Technical School
RMIT Aircraft Electrical Mechanic
Port Melbourne Baseball Club player 1968 – current
Port Melbourne Football Club player 1982/83
Government Aircraft Factories 1979 – 1991
Licensed Builder 1991 – current
Fortburn 1994 – current
Positions held
President of the Port Melbourne Baseball Club
CEO of Fortburn Pty Ltd
Company Description
Fortburn is an Australian owned and operated company established in 1994, the core business is in the field of structural monitoring and Engineering support for the defence industry. Current projects are the constant monitoring of the West Gate Bridge and export of products to the marine industry worldwide.
Fortburn sponsors the PMFC at Platinum level.


Steve Carr
Self-employed Electrical Contractor of over thirty five years, having employed five players as Apprentices and A Grade Electricians in the past twenty years.
Has been a Member for thirty years, a club sponsor, player sponsor, and a Life Member since 2007.
Currently holds the Senior Team Manager’s position, as was the case for the past twenty one years.


Theodore Kerlidis
Theodore Kerlidis is a registered Architect and is on a number of public and private boards. He has a strong reputation for engaging and connecting the public sector with community based outcomes as well as running a number of companies. Having worked over the last 20 years delivering public projects Theodore is positioned to drive the club into the future. His vision is to expand the ground and its facilities and engage with Government and Football agencies to enable Port Melbourne Football Club every chance to succeed.


Brendan Knight
Current club Director with the portfolio of Communications, Promotions and Marketing. Brendan has supported the Borough all his life having grown up in Port Melbourne and has strong family connections with club, with many relatives and friends being former players. Brendan is a hands on Director, managing the merchandise booth on match days and volunteering during the final series. Professionally Brendan has had a 24 year career in corporate administration primarily within the banking and superannuation industries. He has broad range of experience and knowledge in all aspects of banking, superannuation and insurance products and is currently employed in a management role for a mortgage brokering company.


Paul Lappin
Chartered Accountant / Masters of Business Administration / Certified Club Manager
Strategic problem solver with over 20 years’ experience in both Financial Reporting and Operational Management across a wide range of industries
Sporting Club experience includes:
– Approximately 8 years of Sports Club Management experience as Assistant CEO of Albury SS&A Club (Registered Club with over 17 sporting-sub clubs)
– Past player of Lavington Football Club, Noble Park Football Club and Chiltern Football Club
1. To ensure PMFC is enjoys success both off and on the field by contributing towards a sustainable high performance culture.
2. Reviewing key performance objectives, operational arrangements to ensure the Club returns to a profitable position.
3. Review arrangements with the football department to ensure successful results are delivered within the constraints of available funding.


Andrew Nankervis
Current Director since 2014 and Vice President since 2014.
Andrew has 25 years’ experience working in senior sales and general management roles most notably with Lion (Lion Nathan) and Brand Developers. With a graduate diploma in Business Management, he has sound experience in team and people management, extensive financial acumen and organisational design and change management capability.


Jennifer Pryor
Extensive experience in marketing (AFL Victoria – 6 years), Club Administration (Coburg Football Club – 3 years) and law (Richmond & Bennison Lawyers 13 years). Currently working in the social services sector for a not for profit organisation.


Scott Ridout
Current director and Treasurer since 2013.
Scott is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is currently the head of audit and commercial risk for Racing Victoria where he has worked for 8 years (after 4 years with KPMG) and has extensive experience in finance, audit, commercial risk and governance.


Glenn Robertson
An active member of PMFC since 1982, first as premiership player, B&F winner and club captain. Qualified businessman holding senior positions on the boards of management with Cadbury Schweppes, Ansett Australia, Travelshop Ltd.
Successful former CEO of public listed, and unlisted entities. Former Director of VFL Victoria, and PMFC.
Holds historical knowledge, experience and understanding of what made our club great, and whilst still in business, knows what is needed for success in today’s challenging football/business environment.


Michael Shulman
Chartered Accountant
30 years of commercial and public accounting experience.
Sporting Club experience includes:
– PMFC auditor/advisor for 18 years
– Southern Basketball Association (11 years as Treasurer and Committee Member)
– Hampton Rovers Amateur Football Club (4 years as Committee Member and Junior Club Treasurer)
– Beaumaris Sharks Basketball Club (8 years as finance advisor and auditor)
– Various coaching positions in Aussie Rules, basketball and cricket
1. To make PMFC a financially viable football club
2. Assess revenue and expenditure of Club, making necessary changes to operations to ensure it remains viable. As necessary, curb excessive expenditure in the interests of a long-term future
3. Review Lease Agreement with the Rex and attempt to renegotiate returns to the Club
4. Review arrangements with VFL in terms of financial support
5. Over 2 years, return the Club to a profitable position and implement strategies to maintain/enhance that position


Warren Voss
B.Com (Sports Mgt.), GAICD.
Current Director since 2013 having responsibility for PMFC football operations. Over past 3 years, we have created a better environment for the players, staff and coaches. A working professional, Warren has extensive experience in management, leadership, sports admin, and technology. I am committed to seeing the required changes through.


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Proxy Form:

A further reminder to any Member who cannot attend the AGM that they may appoint another Member as his/her proxy by completing and signing the form of proxy provided by the club. The form of proxy signed by the Member must be lodged with the club at least 24 hours before the Meeting


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Theirs alot of people running there - how many do you get to vote for ?


I see a couple of the candidates have said that they would like to make the club profitable again. Does this mean that we are expecting to see another financial loss ?




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A bit off topic..

I went past the old soap factory site yesterday; I was amazed at the number of units under construction. A challange for the new Board is to encourage the residents to become Port members. If 10% of the residents took out membership that would be a significant gain for the Burra..


Go Bonnas !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green



Is the whole board up for re election ??

Looks to be a quality field & please get Bonnas over the line, you must have people that understand the modern game.

Thought your good self would have had a lot to offer!!

Is Peter Bromley standing for Presidency again ?? Hope so.

He is a good man who's done a great job.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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As I understand it, the board of directors is either 6 or 7, as there are more nominees that positions, I believe that all spots are up for election.


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Click the link for the new board of directors for the Port Melbourne Football Club

Plus Digs yes Bonna's was voted in as the most popular vote. 

These elected board directors ticket were a reform group devised by former president Peter Saultry . Club members voted these people in with good trust of Peter Saultry's past success of running our club for over 20 years making a club stable from being in debt in the 1990's to a profitable club in his tenture as president . 

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This is the 2016 Annual Report from the AGM.

Also 2011 premiership players John Baird our captain in that year, Sam Pleming, Chris Cain and our current Captain Toby Pinwill were made Life members of the Port Melbourne Football Club.


Great to hear from you Bobby boy & to see your name still on th players sponsors list.

The four players awarded life membership have thoroughly earned their awards which brought me to thinking why for any reason Barry Kidd has never achieved that honour, Is it because he is a paid employee ??

Bonnas was a shoe in to be elected & will bring some up to date footy knowledge to the board.

Always thought that John Baird would have made an excellent director.

Merry Christmas & a happy new year to all the Borough boys & all posters.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green