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St Kilda back at Moorabbin

Interesting story in todays Herald Sun by Paul Amy involving St Kildas return to Moorabbin with an interview with former player John Bennett

Considering Bennett played a lot of games mainly at full forward for Sandringham after he left St Kilda  it was pretty pisspoor reporting not to mention that fact!

John Bennett was a pretty rough and tough customer and would struggle in todays PC game as he didnt mind roughing up his opponents and then go on and play well.Not quite a VFL player but a bloody good VFA one Topped Sandys goalkicking 1987 - 88 

As for Morrabbin being St Kildas spiritual home what a load of crap St Kilds home for over 80 years was the Junction Oval in ST KILDA!

They stole the Morrabbin Oval with the conivence of the then Morrabbin Council which led to the demise of the powerful 1963 VFA premier Morrabbin Football Club who defeated Sandringahm in the 1963 GF quite easily at Port Melbourne 

Lindasy Fox played in that game for Moorabbin and I think it was his last game..

On a side note as they say what comes round goes around the ground now ironically looks a lot like it was ( apart from the buildings that are left) to the way it was in its VFA days.

Some of our older VFA fans would remember it as a very big ground a bit like Waverley and a windblown muddy ground with embankments the same as they are reduced to now..