VFL vs WAFL at North Port Oval 2:10pm (Channel 7)


Richmond vs Essendon at Punt Road 4pm


Footscray vs Sandringham at Whitten Oval 7pm


There is not one mention of the state game in Friday;s paper the Herald Sun or the Age. Not even the treams how they line up. This is DISGRACEFUL !!!

That will be the reason for the small crowd. How are people meant to turn up to something if they don't know that it is on !!!

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I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have Channel 7 been advertising the game? Ive seen nothing about it except for the other VFL website. 

If tthey get a very small crowd which could be on the cards the VFL deserve what they get for lack of advertising. Not even team selection. Then again it doesn't feature AFL players so it is not imprtant to print teams and not relevant. Maybe they can have a 2 page spread in Sunday's Herald Sun on Travis Cloke's 4 kicks 3 handballs for the dogs against Sandringham. The Age is no better.  

Channel 7 advetrtised it in the Front Bar show after AFL,game last night

No its not vfa It reflects the lack of interest in this so called State game.

The media dosent waste time writing about stuff they know the public dont care about - it maybe sad for you but its true..

The media write about the likes of Cloke because there is 100 times more interest in the football pubics mind about him than this second rate  interstate match.If the weather is fine there will be many more people watching Cloke and Sandy at the Western Oval than North Port on Saturday.

To cap it off the Sandgropers will most likely win.

Bookies have the Vics favourite. I'm with Billy. WA will be too strong.

VFL 1.36 -  WAFL 3.10

Footscray 19-24(138) def Sandringham 5-9(39)

A nice little touchup for the Sandy/St Kilda seconds No qiute 100 pts Obviously the Saints boys dont like playing at night in the wild western suburbs.

The vfl was woeful. One of the worst state games i have seen. Wafl was too big, too strong and too powerful. In front of a small crowd the most noise was from the old school wafl supporters who cheered every goal. Yes billy lack of interest from the public, lack of interest by some players who did not want to play so therefore not picked. Overall not one to remember. The zebra saints were lucky footscray were not on target as the 13.20 winning margin could have been 20.13. A massive 33 less scoring shots by Sandringham sums up there night.