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Tassie State League .. Twilight Grand Final

Article from Launceston Examiner

Twilight grand final set for Tasmanian State League

The competition’s new hierarchy have announced major changes to the showpiece events with a stand alone Brownlow-style best and fairest presentation also to be staged in Launceston.
State League manager Carl Saunder hoped the changes would raise the competition’s profile.
“We want to make [grand final] day unique,” he said.
“We think it will work well with the fans, we have set ourselves a target of 10,000 people for 2017 so we need to offer a different fan experience and a twilight slot allows for those options.
“We are very fortunate we have two AFL standard venues that can host games at all time slots and importantly, so far the concept has been positively received by TSL clubs.”
AFL Tasmania CEO Rob Auld had been keen to move away from the Alastair Lynch Medal presentation being on the grand final day program, often resulting in the winner making a hasty return to his team’s dressing room.
“The opportunity to recognise, celebrate and reflect on each season deserves its own place on the calendar, at the moment they are either wedged into a luncheon on TSL Grand Final day or in the case of the community awards held a little too late into the year,” he said.
The event will alternate between Launceston and Hobart, beginning at the Country Club on October 6 when Alastair Lynch will be in attendance to present the medal

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Interesting by Tassie as they migfht attract a larger crowd than normal for the GF. There is a Melbourne Storm practice gaime at North Hobart oval on Feb 18 and they will get at least 14,000 crammed in. The arrogant AFL who has shunned Tassie footy so they can invest millons on the GWS (great waste of space) football club. No Taswegians were drafted this year and the way things look the NRL and A league will have teams in before you know it and the door will be SLAMMED on the AFL for Tassie.  


Sorry vfa have to disagree

The future of Australian Football is in the new markets like Western Sydney not a worn out Tassie. GWS has enormous potential and Tassie is dying before our eyes and with barely 600,000 population an AFL team would only survive with massive government and AFL handouts.

I think you forget the AFL wether you like it or not is Australias biggest sporting  business and to stay on top must keep expanding. If the AFL were to lose ground to the likes of the NRL or A League then ultimately all of the Australian Football community would suffer.

For the RL to get 14,000 to a one off match in Hobart is neither here or there in the overall scheme of things I dont think the AFL are shaking in their boots about this.  

Its not as if  Tassie  misses out on AFL footy with 7 premiership matches and pre season games as well.