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Time to crack down on VFL license fees?

We have all commented on the take over of VFA/VFL clubs by AFL sides in recent years. I believe that Box Hill now must have a majority of Hawthorn appointed directors on the board to ensure that the Mustangs adhere to Hawthorn direction.

I think it is time that the VFL looks at these aligned clubs that really are reserves side.

Perhaps consider that if the following criteria is met, that the club should no longer be considered an independent entity and are in fact a pseudo AFL clubs.

Factors that I think should be considered are:
* Clubs forfeiting their own guernseyand adopting an AFL jumper or derivative
* Clubs adopting the logo/moniker of the aligned AFL club
* Clubs changing traditional club song to the aligned AFL club song or derivative
* Clubs playing more than 2 home games at a traditional home ground of the aligned AFL club
* Clubs fielding less than 7 VFL listed players

... What else should be considered?

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Carlton should be paying full licence fee as should melbourne and Hawthorn. Lets face it preston, box hill and springvale would have very little involvement if any. Do they still exist ?? You wouldn't think so afl jumpers, afl club songs, afl players. They just use the old vfa grounds. As for casey what has springvale got left ? Not called springvale or scorpions. Not even located in springvale with melbourne jumpers and melbourne song. Just call yourselves melbourne and be done with. Pretty sad.


 Upping the license fee would probably mean those sides would drop their Development league team.  That would make the development league unsustainable with only four teams (Werribee, Port Melbourne, Coburg and Williamstown) .  Where would the standalone reserves play then?

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Then the AFL clubs involved in the alignment should be paying more money, not the VFL club.



There's a suggestion that VFL standalone clubs are investigating placing their reserves sides in local comps, so that would answer the question regarding the Development League.

Really the biggest signifier as to whether a VFL club is a 'puppet' AFL reserves side is the governance structure. If the board comprises AFL club appointed directors, then it's no longer a self-controlling club and is just an arm of the AFL club.

Those AFL clubs should pay a licence fee accordingly.



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How much are the license fees and also the salary caps?

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