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The value of these blokes putting their heads in is the publicity they give the clubs situation. Where politicians go the press follows, pictures appear in the papers and online which helps keep them in the spotlight which is invaluable to the cause.


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The other problem is that the theya re one offs. Rebecca Madden i doubt is going to buy another Port membership or SEN, SAM Newman buy 10 next season. Its unsustainable.

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Memberships have now reached 700 with a month to go. 

Fund raising night with the sale of womens fashion has been organised for Tues 27 June, with Diana Ferari fashions at Southland. 20% all all sales going to Frankston Dolphins. 

Why not get the missus there for a bargain and help the Dolphs as well. Mrs Bearsman will most probably buy another 8 pairs of shoes to go with the 335 pairs she already owns.....

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He didn't leave Bearsman he was sacked by the greatest bunch of skunks ever born.

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Everything is looking very encouraging for a return of Frankston into the VFL in 2018.  If achieved it will be an amazing effort.  Everyone involved have worked so hard to achieve what looked like near impossible.

Not over the line yet of course, but a lot of positivity going around.


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Id be surprised if they are rejected. There has been massive amounts of work done to save the club. They committee reguarly meet with AFL  Victoria to update them on the situation, and receive instructions on what they need to do. They have been given a check list of conditions that have to be met to regain the licence and they are continually working on that.

A bit of a sticking point is the sale of the naming rights for Frankston Park. Mornington Isuzu bought if for 2017, but will be unable to continue in 2018, as Toyota are a VFL sponsor and it wont be allowed to continue.

Digs...they must be f*****g crazy to sack Buckenara.

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Memberships have climbed to 775 with just over 3 weeks to go. 1000 still a chance.

The club has added some great names to the Football Department, specifically to build the playing list for 2018 should they regain their licence. Joining Buckenara is Michael Ablett - AFL National Football Talent Manager, and former Dolphins coach Brett Lovett.


It's going great down there (touch wood), by far the best organised I have seen the club. Not only should they be back next season, they should be in a position to be very competitive within a couple of seasons with the way things are going (again, touch wood).

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As at 6/6/2017 memberships are now 820. Now it looks just a formality getting to 1000. What an effort this has been. Of course now the challenge is getting them all to keep renewing.


Upcoming events:

Dinner with Luke Beveridge 22 June @ 7pm. $100 for a 3 course meal.

Lunch with Melbourne Victory's Anthony DiPietro and Kevin Muscat. 7 July @ 12.30pm  $100 for a 3 course meal.

Lunch with Peter Hudson and Paul Hudson 4 August.  $100 for a 3 course meal.


All are being held at the Graham Room in the Function Centre at Frankston Park. 


Book here with Credit Card or Paypal , or phone the club  9783 7888

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Some great guests at the luncheons including luke beveridge a former dolphin and now afl premiership coach. Buckenara and dicker plus all others involved have done a terrific job. On right path. As cruel as it was to kick the dolphins out for this year it might be a blessing in disguise and a godsend. Great work dolphins.