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An amazing effort. I believe the club had something like 80 members last season, so it's a huge tribute to Gary Buckenara, David Friend, Ian Dicker and all the Dolphins people who have rallied to help over the past few months. 1000 members is amazing.

Back in 2009 my brother and I ran an ambitious Target 2000 membership drive at the Dolphs (we more humbly achieved about 450 from a base of around 120 which we were still happy with), but with the submission pushed back it's probably time to aim for 2000 again, might get it this year with the club being so well run!

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I think Frankston FC is in debt to the redneck imbeciles at Nth Ballarat who sacked Buckenara. They have been lucky to get a guy with his ability, expereince and connections when they needed him. 

Paul, do you remember who was responsible for the Function Centre being built at Frankston? Was it John Barry? The best thing they did in the last 10 years and it might be the difference between swimming and sinking.


That was Bryan Mace. He had to fight tooth and nail for years to make that happen, because the money originally put aside for it by the AFL and State Gov got put into the St Kilda development at Frankston Park, and then headed to Seaford when that didn't go ahead.

Macey did an enormous amount of legwork to get that funding back, then get the council on board, and thankfully Bruce Billson stepped in with some Fed Gov money when the project looked to be in trouble, along with the council putting in some extra. 

Macey always said he wanted to deliver that project before he retired as he felt it would help set up the club for a long time to come, and hopefully he's right. If only we'd been able to get someone like Buckenara straight after Bryan, the past few yearsof trouble would never have happened.

Still, assuming the licence is returned the VA will have been a great thing for the club to get itself in order, start running as a professional operation and get some really good Dolphins people (like Peter Geddes, Mick O'Neil, Brett Lovett, Mick Ablett etc) back involved so it can be like a Williamstown on the peninsula, as it should be.


BTW, Paul Amy mentioned on twitter last night there's talk the club will approach Luke Hodge to be captain-coach next year. I love the big thinking, even if it doesn't come off, but if he says yes that would be massive for the club. 

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Congrats to the hard working team at Frankston.
Captain - coach! That a creature we have not seen in this comp for awhile



Never a truer word spoken Bearsman.

Garry will set your club for many great years to come .

A wonderful footy person who is still very much respected by many at North Ballarat.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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The Luke Hodge call is interesting. There is every chance the coach will have a Hawthorn background, but if Hodge has coaching aspirations, I think it unlikely he would see this as a good career move. FWIW, I heard last year Channel 7 rates him highly and is grooming him for a media role when he retires.

I believe they have to go with an experienced coach with at least AFL assistant coaching experience take the job. Someone like a Mark Harvey or  dare I say it..Gary Ayres...they have to get an experienced coach to mould a new team.

Not sure if anyone remembers this but when Ayres retired from playing he was appointed Playing Coach of Frankston, but it didnt eventuate as he got a coaching role at Geelong? I think..I could be wrong about the club, withering memory..



Re Hodge, I think it would depend on who they had there supporting him. An experienced assistant coach or co-coach could make it work, and provide the promotional and on-field benefits of having Hodge, while giving him a good start to his coaching career if he wants one.

If he was left carrying the coaching can on his own that wouldn't be good for anyone, but I don't think this management group, and a football department that already has Buckenara, Brett Lovett and Mick Ablett on it, is going to make that mistake.

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Good point Paul. That might  nearly be the ideal scenario....Lets hope they can pull it off,


Honestly can't see it. Even now at the tail end of his career, Hodge would be earning the best part of the VFL salary cap. Not to mention that if he wanted to coach VFL he'd walk in to the job at Box Hill.