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Great news from Frankston!

Frankston FC VFL licence reinstated for 2018 VFL season

4th August, 2017

The Frankston Football Club Board of Management and Staff are delighted to announce that AFL Victoria have formally advised the club that they have reinstated our licence to compete in the VFL in the 2018 season.

Frankston Football Club has been a football institution for more than 130 years and participated in the state league competition since 1966. In 2016, the club was presented with very challenging financial circumstances, entered voluntary redundancy and subsequently lost its VFL licence. It was clear that a new direction and a substantial wave of new support was needed for the club to survive.

Since November 2016 the Club has reviewed its purpose, vision and values to better understand our true place in football on the Mornington Peninsula. This sense of renewal underpins our hard work to maintain our regional standing as the nations strongest AFL community. We are now committed to once again become the hub of football on the Mornington Peninsula.

An amazing amount of work has gone into the effort to restore the football club to its position in the VFL. We would be remiss not to mention a number of people and groups who have contributed significantly to this effort:

- Our football club staff including Gary Buckenara, Tina Bremert, Michelle Gladman, Tina Miller, Jo Galea and Margaret Greenhill
- Frankston Council for its unwavering support of the club and its role in the community
- Our regional football partners – Dandenong Stingrays, St. Kilda Football Club and AFL South East
- The MPNFL clubs who have all rallied to support us and partner with us to create a better future for football on the Peninsula
- All our club sponsors who showed their committed to our club in 2017, including Mornington Isuzu Ute, Highgrove Bathrooms and our major sponsor Graham Quarries, with whom we share a relationship lasting over 30 years.
- Wise Choice Catering for their support of our Function Centre
- The 400 + people who have supported us at the Dolphins in Business events across 2017.
- Ian Dicker, Gary Buckenara, John Longmire, Leigh Matthews, Luke Beveridge, David Rhys Jones, Brett Lovett, David Glascott, Robert DiPierdomenico, Chris Mew, Anthony DiPietro, Kevin Muscat, Peter Hudson and Paul Hudson for providing key note addresses at the Dolphins in Business Event Series.
- The Past Players and Officials and the Members Night patrons who have rallied with support and fundraising to help get our club going
- Our mentors Ian Dicker, Adrian Lloyd and Brian Collis for guiding us through the tough times
- Our volunteer group, who have given of their time to assisted in so many ways throughout the year.
- The football media community who have continued to tell our story throughout the tough journey
- The 100 plus ‘rusted on’ 2016 members and the amazing 1200 new members who have shown their support for the football club in such a tangible manner.

We wish to thank AFL Victoria for their continued support throughout 2017, which has helped guide our efforts to be re-admitted into the VFL and also helped shape our future strategy. Particular thanks to Steven Reaper, Ricky Bell, John Hook and Dwayne Wathen, who have met with the club on a regular basis and provided direction and feedback on the clubs efforts to reinvigorate the club and its business model.

Special mention must to the 2016 Board members - John Georgiou, Ash Roberts, James Crowder and Shane Boland, with support from Mark Ridgway – who made a number of courageous decisions which paved the way for the club to move forward with clear air.

The club would also not be in today’s positive position without the support of its 2016 creditors who voted to accept the creditors agreement, which has allowed the club to continue in its own right and repay the debt over 4 years. This group included the 2016 players and coaches, and history will record the significance of their decision in allowing the club to press on to a prosperous future.
Regarding the 2016 players; we have followed their progress at other clubs in 2017 and are extremely proud of their maturity and success.

We also give thanks to Paul Edbrooke MP, the State Member for Frankston, and Chris Crewther MHR, the Federal Member for Dunkley, for their ongoing support of the club.

Whilst this decision will be deservedly celebrated, the football club will very quickly turn its focus to continuing the effort to build a sustainable club. Off field the Function Centre will be re launched and available for bookings 7 days a week. On field, the focus will quickly shift to appointing a senior coach and building a playing list in readiness for the 2018 season that will proudly represent our region.

Peter Geddes
Frankston Football Club


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What's going on at the Roosters Digs?

Still trouble in the club?



What an amazing night at Dolphins last night. It was great to smiles on so many peoples faces after the last 9 months. The atmosphere in the room was amazing.

#Dolphins2018 #hardworkstartsnow


Personally I think the worst is still to come NorthPort.

I cannot see AFL Vic handing out a new licence to this bunch of rabble they would be struggling to run a chook raffle.

Missed youy yesterday amid the good Port turnout & great to catch up with the Borough faithful.

Quite a few white faces at half time !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Wally from Will...
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You can't have Benny Cavarra back Robbo, kicked a lazy five today, hope Willi are putting some work into convincing him to stay at PT Gellibrand 

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Why is nobody supporting the roosters ? Support has dropped off significantly compared to last year.





This was noted on facebook... its a historically successful club, successful enough until just the last year or so in the VFL. why the disinterest?

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You can't have Benny Cavarra back Robbo, kicked a lazy five today, hope Willi are putting some work into convincing him to stay at PT Gellibrand 


Good luck with that Wal. All five of them will be back at Frankston Park next year. smiley

Wally from Will...
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for the sake of the competition that would be a good thing if they do, but being selfish i would love to keep them, particularly Cavarra, Newman & Pickess


The fish rots at the head Heath !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green