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Very quiet apart from Port

This forum seems to be just slowly fading away- a bit like the VFL(SIC) itself

 It might as well be called the Port Melb forum as apart from a handful of posters the rest are Port fans The Sandy people have really dropped off maybe due to the ST Kilda takeover.

Has Dave Parke pulled the pin or is he sick as I see the Zebras are looking for a new scoreboard  attendent?






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Not much information coming out of the TBO bunker, Web site has now great news; usual pre-season optomistic speel by coach.The only correspondence I've received since last season is AGM notice (which I did not attend because I had a better offer) and membership renewal application, which I'm considering. Sandy have the first four games at home; all on a Saturday, I'll most likely have to give these a miss. As Billy says, it's all fading away!


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just spoke to dave parke. he  has been pretty crook with a nerve problem is hoping to get to a few games. i have known dave for nearly 50 years billy i dont remember him ever doing the scoreboard .as for the future we are hoping that a planned venture will become reality at some stage this year go zebs. CLARRY 



Hey clarrie whats the go with Sandy plaing in seaford and not TBO?


Ground maintenance is their reason.


Sorry to hear about Dave's problems. 

He's fine chap & I hope he gets well soon.

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