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VFL Best and Fairest 2017

Hi All.....Can we get a list of the VFL Clubs" Best and Fairest Winners for 2017.


Starting with the Seagulls - Gerry Callahan Medal winner - Nick Meese.  A most popular win and thoroughly deserved.  How often do ruckmena get recognised these days - Nick Meese had an outstaning year.

Wally from Will...
Wally from Williamstown's picture

And he received a standing ovation at last night's count, first time I've seen that at a Willi B&F


Lachlan Cassidy st the Roosters

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Casey - Jack Trengrove (Bailey Fritsch 2nd)
Coburg - Liam Hunt (Ryan Exon 2nd)
Sandy - Kade Answerth (Nick O'Kearney 2nd)


Great to see 2017 Liston Trophy winner Jacob Townsend play so well for the Tigers

Pretty disappointing that I think it was mentioned once during the tv bradcast,