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VFL Finals Week 1


VFL 1st Qualifying Final - CASEY FIELDS
Casey vs Footscray at 2pm

Development League 2nd Semi Final - CASEY FIELDS
Box Hill Hawks vs Casey Scorpions at 11am


VFL 2nd Qualifying Final - IKON PARK
Collingwood vs Williamstown at 2pm (1116 SEN)


VFL 1st Elimination Final - NORTH PORT OVAL
Geelong vs Essendon at 2:40pm (Channel 7)



VFL 2nd Elimination Final - NORTHPORT OVAL
Port Melbourne vs Sandringham at 2:40pm (Channel 7,SEN 1116)

Development League 1st Semi Final - NORTHPORT OVAL
Port Melbourne vs Williamstown at 11:30am




The Zebras should exit the finals in week and quiet honestly they dont deserve to be ther on current form

Would siut St Kilda as well and after all the mastersare always right seeing theyare paying most of the bills


My Likely week 1 fixture - now the AFL finals fixture has dropped



Casey vs Foots 7:30


Geel vs Ess at Northport 11:40 

Coll vs Will at IKON 2:00


PM vs Sandy at Northport 2:10



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I'll update this first post on the front page unless Robbo beats me to it when the VFL confirm details.



Top post updated with the fixture


Strange to see three games on at the same time but I guess they're going for the best time slots for crowds?

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Selections for week one. Casey with the home ground will beat footscray by 33 points. Casey have not won a finals game in several years and have chalked up several finals games losses in a row. Willimstown fresh after a bye will beat collingwood by 43 points. Port melbourne will atone for the bad loss to the cats and eliminate the zebras. Port by 25 points. Geelong can be hit or miss but will beat essendon by 16 points.


My early tips


Footscray (Casey to lose 12th straight final)



Port Melbourne

Wally from Will...
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does anyone know which AFL-listed players qualify to play VFL finals? I think Cloke is ineligible.

I looked on the VFL website but couldn't find any info & the footy record from the weekend is not available yet.



No list has been made avainalble yet regarding qualifications.

One quirky rule which has been introduced is that regardless of qualification, any player who plays AFL in the final round of the season is not allowed to play in the first week of the VFL finals.  


Usally selection is open slather in the first week of the VFL finals.

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Cloke can't play. Bad luck collingwood. There is no way that a player who played in the afl last round should play in the vfl finals in week one. I agree hundred percent with that rule. And absolute now way they should play some afl tool who is not qualified for vfl finals just to give him a run. No way known !!!!!