Development League Elimination Final

Box Hill Hawks vs Williamstown at Burbank Oval,Williamstown 11am

VFL 1st Qualifying Final

Williamstown vs Casey Demons at Burbank Oval,Williamstown 2pm

VFL 1st Elimination Final

Richmond vs Collingwood at Fortburn Stadium,Port Melbourne 2:40pm


Development League Qualifying Final

Casey Demons vs Port Melbourne at Box Hill 11am

VFL 2nd Qualifying Final

Box Hill Hawks vs Port Melbourne at Box Hill 2pm

VFL 2nd Elimination Final

Essendon vs Footscray at Fortburn Stadium,Port Melbourne 2:40pm


With the AFL bye before finals, can we expect some good size crowds for the Richmond v Collingwood and Essendon v Footscray games?


The Bombers normally have a good following come September in the VFL, and with them squeezing into the AFL finals this year there should be plenty of interest... Same goes for Richmond!



I will be at Williamstown on Saturday and box hìll on sunday. Hoping for the old vfa firm to win and progress to the preliminary final. Williamstown should beat casey at home by a few goals. Port Melbourne to replicate their win at box hill 2 weeks ago with another win. No interest in the other 2 all afl reserves games. Want a vfa grand final willy v port a true vfa flavour. That would really piss off the vfl grim reaper and co and all the afl head honchos. The 2 games at port with all afl reserves teams will get decent crowds though. Agree on that north port.

Lets hope both Willy and Port win 

Not wrong Billy. Fingers crossed.

Do me a favour George. Press the edit button and change your Port prediction. I don't like it when you predict Port in finals, the last time you correctly predicted a Port finals result was probably 2011 !




Mega i might have a multi on casey and box hill to make sure they lose. LOL

Willy should but a much harder gig for Port at Box Hill esp as Box Hill/Hawthorn seconds get a lot of players back who have played in the 1st this season I think we will most likely end up with a Willy/ Richmond v Box Hill GF

Noted as usual the VFL (sic) have dropped the ball on the AFL free weekend with the usual lack of publicity when apart from a couple of bullshit AFL TV sponsered games - the shelias game and the hit and giggle whitten crap there is NO real footy on .

Both of which will most likely out draw the entire VFL finals games this weekend! = just sad.

Box Hill only get one player back, Ryan Shoenmakers. From the previous meeting 2 weeks ago, Jones and Switkowski will probably be missing due to injury. Port are a chance. Hoping to see Willy do a job on Casey. Not convinced about the Dees away from Casey Fields.

Hopefully Fortburn Oval is packed for both elimination finals. 

I would not watch one second of the Whitten game plus the women's game. No interest whatsoever. There is plenty of good local footy all over the state. It is not all about the AFL.
I will be at Williamstown on Saturday and Box Hill on Sunday. Williamstown will win against Casey and will win quite easy. Casey Melbourne seconds will be like their senior counterparts no heart. Williamstown are travelling very well and at home are even a tougher nut to to crack which will be beyond Casey. The seagulls are very well balanced all over the ground and will get revenge on a bad loss to Casey in last years final series.
Box Hill will get some players back but the VFL team that have seen their AFL teams not make the final series have not quite got that momentum and spirit. Port and Box Hill do have a ripper rivalry in recent years. Chris Jones will be a big loss as will Switowski as Burraburger stated. Shoenmakers will be handy. Port will be very eager to progress to the Prelim and even at Box Hill reckon they will repeat the dose from a fortnight ago.
Richmond v Collingwood and Essendon v Footscray will both be packed. Both games are very even and hard to pick. Collingwood pipped Richmond at Punt Road recently and will no doubt have Kayle Kirby back after his debut last week. Interesting to see which players play for Richmond. Essendon v Footscray toss of a coin as well. t least 2 of the AFL teams will be eliminated and hopefully the 2 VFA teams are in the Preliminary Finals after the weekend.

​1st QUALIFYING FINAL Williamstown vs Casey Demons

​1st Quatrer: WILL ​Qtrs Won(QW) 9-9 6th Goal Kick(GKA) 53.8% 6th  ​CASEY ​QW 9-9 8th GKA 52.9% 8th

​2nd Quarter: WILL ​QW 14-4 1st GKA 41.5% 14th   ​CASEY ​QW 11-7 5th GKA 47.7% 11th

​3rd Quarter: WILL ​QW 13-5 2nd  GKA 53.6% 8th ​ CASEY ​QW 7-11 11th  GKA 50.5% 12th

4th Quarter: WILL ​QW 11-5-2 4th GKA 53.7% 7th ​ CASEY ​QW 13-4-1 2nd GKA 49.6% 10TH

​1st ELIMINATION FINAL Richmond vs Collingwood

1st Quarter: RICH ​QW 13-4-1 1st GKA 54.1% 4th  COLL ​QW 8-10 10th GKA 53.2% 7th

​2nd Quarter: RICH ​QW 13-5 3rd GKA 55.7% 2nd  ​COLL ​QW 4-14 13th GKA 53.4% 5th

​3rd Quarter: RICH ​QW 14-4 1st GKA 51.5% 11th  COLL ​QW 8-10 10th GKA 55.2% 4th

​4th Quarter: RICH ​QW 10-7-1 7th GKA 56.3% 4th   COLL ​QW 11-7 5th GKA 45.7% 13th

​2nd QUALIFYING FINAL Box Hill Hawks vs Port Melbourne

​1st Quarter: BHH ​QW 13-5 2nd GKA 58.1% 1st  PM ​QW 11-7 4th GKA 57% 2nd

​2nd Quarter: BHH ​QW 11-7 6th GKA 54.1% 4th  ​PM ​QW 13-5 2nd GKA 45.8% 12th

​3rd Quarter: BHH ​QW 12-6 3rd GKA 54.8% 5th  PM ​QW 10-7-1 5th GKA 54.1% 6th

​4th Quarter: BHH ​QW 9-8-1 8th GKA 58.1% 3rd  PM ​QW 14-3-1 1st GKA 53.7% 6th

​2nd ELIMINATION Final Essendon vs Footscray

​1st Quarter: ESS ​QW 9-9 9th GKA 43.4% 14th  FOOTS ​QW 11-7 3rd GKA 49.6% 9th

​2nd Quarter: ESS ​QW 12-6 4th GKA 55.7% 3rd  FOOTS ​QW 9-9 7th GKA 51% 7th

​3rd Quarter: ESS ​QW 11-6-1 4th GKA 52.7% 10th  FOOTS ​ QW 9-9 8th GKA 53.9% 7th

​4th Quarter: ESS ​ QW 12-5-1 3rd GKA 49.6% 9th  ​FOOTS ​ QW 10-6-2 7th GKA 61.2% 2nd