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First week of finals wish list. Port to beat sandy and willy to beat collingwood. I would also rather see casey smash footscray and would prefer essendon to knock out geelong.


Are you guys sure that if you played the last round in the AFL then you cant play in week one of VFL finals?

I read over the rules on the website and cant see it mentioned?

Wally from Will...
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Matt Spangher can play four minutes of a DL game and qualify and after the McEvoy fiasco who knows what the rules are?

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I heard luke hodge is available for box hill seconds. Rumour floating around scott pendlebury and steele sidebottom are playing for collingwood vfl team. Only kidding of course. Normally the vfl has a list of players that have qualified. I haven't seen anything for this years finals. At least with port and willy you will know what you will get.

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The Matt Spangher one is an interesting issue.

I looked for the article to post up but couldn't find it.

I believe it stated the requirements were to play 2 games, with this 5 minute spell counting as his second game. I think he then played a full game for Box Hill's senior side.

They're are crafty bunch down at the Mustangs!


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Box Hill no finals so they try with Box Hill seconds.

Imagine if there were no more developement league. Matt Spangher could be playing for Balwyn or even for either FTG or Forest Hill 4th division and make a mockery of those leagues. They could have played him for 60 seconds with FTG in the Prelim and then played again in the GF.

Some poor local kid will miss out of playing for Box hill reserves so Spangher can have a run. He might only play 10 minutes but that doesn't matter.

I pity the old zebras as imagine what St Kilda will have up their sleeves for next year and beyond.








Development league

Box Hill



Being a former Box hill supporter i too don't agree with Spangher takinga spot off another player who has worked their ass off all seaon just to get shafted when it sorts Hawthorn. If they play him this week , should be for the whole match and not just a half. If i was a local player why would i want to play for Box hill - no chance of playing seniors with all the Hawthorn players coming first, and then with all the byes in the development league you play half a season in the development league only to be told for the good of the club your making way for a Hawthorn player. No problems with anyone breaking the rules like Williamstown and the salary cap. Just a club integrity issue


Always thought if a player plays in 2 games on the same weekend then only the higher grade game counts towards finals, obviously not the same across the board given Spangher situation.

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Not sure what the ruling is Bullants.

If it is a rule then Spangher would be deemed inelegible to play.

Wonder how much game time he will get.



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Summary from yesterday. Williamstown were disgraceful and put in a shocker. Would want to improve and in a hurry. Will most likely face port at north port oval next week. Seagulls will have a chance to get back on board but port if they beat sandy today where i reckon they will will gain confidence. At least you will get one old vfa side in prelim. Casey awaits who were super impressive in first finals win since 2008 albeit against a weakened dogs team. Collingwood did well but with injuries to moloney, hellyer and frost will hurt and back at port won't suit. Essendon full of confidence take on the dogs who might be bolsteted by some players back. Dons look most likely and could easily make it to the gf. One week is a long time in footy and this years final series looks even but i would say casey should now be $2.20 favorites