SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24 at Etihad Stadium

VFL Women's Grand Final

Diamond Creek vs Darebin at 12noon

VFL Grand Final

Port Melbourne vs Richmond at 3pm

TAC Cup Grand Final

Geelong Falcons vs Sandringham Dragons at 7:35pm


The GF might just pull 30,000 with the womens GF which could add 5000 now on before the main match and if the Tiger Army turn up in numbers

If Richmond win which I think they will it will be their first VFA/ now VFL flag since 1905,

They might not turn up if umpire allen is appointed. Lol 1904

If Richmond win the day earlier, there could be a very big crowd.  It should be good for the atmosphere, because a half filled Etihad stadium is a pretty sterile experience.




Conversely, if Richmond get done, and their AFL season is over, I reckon only a handful of their supporters will show up for the VFL Grand Final.

I read on Twitter, that Port and Richmond last played each other in a final in 1905. The year prior to Richmond joining the VFL.


Richmond actually joined the VFL in 1908 and were replaced by Brighton in the VFA

Richmond won 2 vfa flags and lost one by forfeit to north Melbourne.

The other reason vfa I like Richmond is that during their VFA days and the first  couple of years in the VFL their jumper was yellow and blalck stripes similar to the current Zebras one.

Funny you say that billy because being a Richmond supporter i picked willy as they had the sash similar to Richmond although Northcote dragons was my number one vfa team. Only met in second division on a couple of times 76, 78, 79, 80 and 81. This is from since i followed vfa from late 60s

Umpire Appointments for Sunday

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Good to see an ex-Bullant out there calling the shots. Played some very good footy for them.

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two