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Is the VFL on Life Support?

After VFL's being smashed by WAFL is this the final straw?

With issues with It's VFL stand alone clubs the league has been on a downward path for a while. Was last Saturday's game an indiction the VFL is at the end that we all fear.

AFL don't seem to care about community(state league) football anymore with so much money going to teams like Gold Coast and GWS Giants. Surely it about time the AFL stepped in to help community football like VFL.

It seems with issues at Frankston, North Ballarat and Port Melbourne over the past 12-24 months. AFL Victoria seem to not care about VFL(especially if state game was an indictation). I think it about time the AFL and AFL Victoria need to sit down with all clubs and fix from what seems to be a lot of problems with league to give it a sustainable future which includes state league representation.

Lets try and bring VFL back to where it should be as the 2nd best state league in the country as currently sits probably 4th best league sliding behind the WAFL and SANFL. Just ahead of NEAFL.

I have been around this compeition in some way since it started in 2000. It is sorry to see the competition is in such a state and if it not fixed soon I fear where it could end up in the next few years.

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A very interesting read. I saw this as a scanned copy a couple of days ago but hadn't got around to it.

I have to agree with the theme of the article. I think the lack of standalone clubs has really hurt in recent years.

Sandringham and hopefully Frankston should help giving the competition a bit more credibility.

We need more promotion of the competition in general. It's been a while since we could say we are the second best competition after the AFL.



If AFL VIC sit on their hands and do nothing the current VFL will surely fold .What does the VFL stand for at the moment  - very little

The current VFL crowds are the worst I have seen watching the VFA/VFL for over 65 years

They were pretty poor in the 1950s before Sunday football but nowhere as bad as now.Most local leagues put the VFL to shame for crowd involvement and passion.

If AFL VIC is spending i million dollars to run the CH 7 telecasts then that is a bloody shame as the sort of money and more would be better spent on the clubs

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The afl and vfl would not give a hoot for the old vfa clubs. Reckon they don't even care for the competition in general. Only used for afl players to play somewhere in preparation for afl. If it wasn't for williamstown, port, coburg, frankston, north ballarat and werribee i would not cross the road to watch two afl reserves teams. Already preston and springvale have bitten the dust and box hill by ground and name exists. Sandy need to go alone otherwise will suffer same fate. What will this comp look like in say 2020 ? I follow the old vfa clubs and wish they win every time they play against afl teams. Summed it right robbo. Looks like a downward spiral towards oblivion. The state game on the weekend with lack of publicity, poor attendance and pathetic effort by the vfl sums it up. Casey demons and the melbourne club song. Yuk. This year will springvale celebrate a 30 year reunion for their 1987 vfa premiership watching casey demons play and signing along to a its a grand old flag ??

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As the topic title asks.. Is the VFL on Life Support? .. It is in the intensive care ward with lights flashing beepers at full volume  .   My view is that its days are numbered and some caring next of kin should authorise pulling the plug and let the strong reincarnate.

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Will all the Springvale premiership players wear a Melbourne jumper to a reunion for their 1987 flag and sing IT'S A GRAND OLD FLAG ??

I can't remember the last time I spotted a Preston supporter at a VFL game.

Is as rare as a West Melbourne supporter or even a Brighton Penguins supporter.

I did actually meet a Brioghton supporter recently at a VFLm game which was Werribee v Essendon at Arden Street. He would have been about 10 when the Penguins where still in the VFA and had some great recollections and memories.

Thank god Ch7 is ginving it some exposure with their televised games. Good to see there are two televised games this weekend, Saturday at Port and Sunday at Willy. 



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If it does turn into a exclusive AFL ressies competition - what will happen to Coburg, Willi, Port, Frankston, Ballarat and Werribee ? Would it be likely that other clubs would join them to form a  premier Vic  league ?

The VFLs most succesfull club




Wally from Will...
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That's exactly what Kevin Hillier was alluding to in my post on another thread