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VFL List Sizes - Season 2018

Paul Amy suggested on Twitter:


AFL Vic still working through it but VFL list sizes next year likely to be 35 (stand-alone) and 25 (aligned), with supplementary lists of 10.


That is going to cause massive problems for VFL clubs, particularly standalone clubs. Surely the VFL have to reconsider this decision to scrap the Development League. It's going to hugely damage the fabric of Football clubs.



List size should be the same as the AFL. Hope they dont penalise stand alone VFL clubs even further. Not many sports at an elite level dont have a reserve or development team, genuinly think the VFL have made this decision because they cant deal with the headaches of the fixture. The bulk of the clubs wanted the development league to continue.

Its going to be extremly disapointing seeing players on Port Melbourne's list who have shown genuine promise and improvement forced away from the club and back into local footy. 


Why am I not surprised?AFL Victoria is just that the AFL in Victoria and they will favour the AFL clubs everytime as the AFL pays their wages..

Sandy wont have problrm as they will be playing nearly all St kilda leftovers from the firsts!

Should save a heap of money but lose most genuine supporters in the process that ensures that the Sandringham FC becomes the ST Kilda reserves in 2019 playing all games at Moorabbin.



There were a few at your club that didn’t want the development team !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I just hope the VFL consider all things when they decide on list size. if list size is small, VFL stand alone clubs will be forced grab the best available talent available to field a sucessful team and will leave little room to develop young players.

You also need to seriously consider injuries. If an AFL aligned team has injuries they call on hardend senior VFL players. If a VFL stand alone side with a small list has major injuries during the year they will be forced to call on guys from local footy. 

I think a list size of 50 is about right. Nothing wrong with players being exposed to elite training and facilities and if they dont make the senior team they can play for there local team. Maybe even train with there local side on a thursday if not picked. 


Digsy how many were on the North Ballarat list this year?  I counted in a record 45 players.

Ron Burger
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Judging by the appointment at Frankston, I'd bet the wife's house on St Kilda's AFL reserves running through the Dolphins as soon as next season. 


I think it more likely St Kilda will run their reserves out of Moorabbin using what is left of the Sandy top up players with a couple of games at Beach Road Oval just to keep Port Phillip Council happy.Same scenario as former Preston FC.

Over to you can hill clarry for your usual insightful comments

Wally from Will...
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so screw over the Zebras & then move onto the Dolphins, that would have made more sense when the Saints were based at Seaford and the council was throwing money at them

Ron Burger
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Fair point! I also forgot (briefly) that Aaron Hamill was announced last month as Gilbee's replacement at Sandy where obviously he is coaching the St Kilda 2s.

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Sandy's situation is akin to being in palliative care; it is sad but only a matter of time. 

Billy... Beach Road Oval is in the Bayside Council area