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VFL Premiership 2017

Early premiership odds from Sportsbet. Box Hill at $21.00 seems overs, can they come back? Port a bit short at $7.00?


Footscray.. 4.00
Williamstown.. 4.50
Port Melbourne.. 7.00
Essendon.. 8.00
Casey.. 10.00
Geelong.. 15.00
Sandringham.. 17.00
Box Hill.. 21.00
Richmond.. 26.00
Northern Blues.. 26.00
Werribee.. 41.00
Coburg.. 81.00
North Ballarat.. 101.00
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Get on the seagulls at $4. Port at $7 is not unders. Those odds seem about right. For me Willy and Port GF. I might be biased but both have recruited extremely well and no reason why they both will not be there in deep September. Box Hill mgiht seem good odds but there depth might be tested unless they have some good VFL listed players int heir ranks. Hawthorn will not have the depth they have had in the past. Maybe they should be quoted around the $12 to $15 mark. Coburg are far better than the $81 on offer. Would like to see the burgers play finals in 2017. A good start early in season and to win some of the close games for a change are keys for Coburg's chances this season.   

Ron Burger
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If have the Burgers at $21 and level with Box Hill.

Massive lisr/coaching turnover means there's no continuity from year to year and thus no realistic expectation of "natural improvement". Can't naturally improve if only 12 guys remain from a list of 68 two years ago! 


I think you will find Sandy are the smokey


Agree with VFA on his odds assessment. Both Williamstown & Port have recruited well. I think Conway might straighten Port up a bit without relying on Lisle (who's not good with the pressure of being the go-to guy up forward). Collingwood  & Geelong would be the 2 i'd be wary of. Depending on AFL injuries they have the ability to be there at the end. As for Box Hill at $21, think that's about right. Have a solid backline led by Mirra (with Evans also coming in). Midfield is strong with Moore being a swap for lles. Depends if Pittonet is going to be there all year. Forward line is the big problem. Haven't recruited anyone with size & experience. Recruiting a lot of young TAC players is good for the development side which will no doubt make another grand final, but who is going to be the focal point when it gets into the forward line. As Port can attest to the last few years (since the Galea/Rose Bonaddio years) & Freemantle, no forward line, no premiership, no hope. Any half decent hawthorn listed forward will be playing for them & Box Hill have the leftovers (eg O'Brien / Fitzpatrick) who hardly sets the world on fire up there. Box Hill at best will be looking at 7/8 place, but more likely to finish 9/10 as per the odds


I wouldn't underestimate the Bombers, 

With all those banned players returning they should be able to field a very strong VFL team.

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With only a few days until the start of the season, the only movement in the premiership betting markets has been Essendon in from $8 into $5.50.

No other changes.

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Like the AFL bombers they might start the season off well but will fall by the wayside half way through the season.

Any odds up for the opening match between Port v Carlton seconds ? I would put money on Port to open the season with a win.

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No head to head betting yet. Usually Fridays late afternoon its available.

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Just dropped by the TAB and Port has moved from 7 to 8 to win the premiership.

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