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VFL R14 - North Ballarat v Northern Blues

The drought has ended!

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Roosters.. A much desrved 4 points, that I hope got celebrated well into the night.  It's been a a long season. 

A solid result, with a 4+ goal win (26 points).


I know a few people tipped this one (me included!)


15 in the Gatorade circle would you believe ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Will check from vfl tipping comp but reckon maybe 20 almost 20 percent of tipsters. How was the club song after the game digs, nice and loud !!!


Fantastic result, can imagine exactly how they're feeling. So much work to achieve that great taste after the game, hope they enjoyed it!

I think we would have had a similar number in the circle at Frankston in R2 2010, Digs, when we beat Cousins and Coburg, but we were too excited to remember to even have it, we just jumped straight into the song!


80 Percent didn't know the words including the chairman !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green