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VFL R17 - Williamstown v Werribee

Round 17 – 13/08/2017
Burbank Oval



B: 17. J. Charleston, 8. P. Faulks, 21. J. Tippett

HB: 35. B. Myers, 18. J. Greiser, 7. N. Sing

C: 22. J.  Pickess, 6. M.  Gibbons, 5. L.  Schultz

HF: 10. L. Masters, 13. A. Cordy, 3. S. Dunell

F: 2. B. Cavarra, 14. A. Siposs, 4. B. Jolley

R: 49. N. Meese, 9. A. Marcon, 24. W. Wheeler

Int: 27. J. Chisari, 26. J. Newman, 25. J. Pongracic, 33. T. Currie, 19. D. Kempster, 16. B. Bewley, 20. M. Norton, 11. J. Dorgan

23P: 32. T. Condon

 In: J. Newman, A. Siposs, D. Kempster, M. Norton, J. Dorgan
Out: T. Davies



B: 9. K. Aylett, 91. L. Hansen, 7. D. McFarlane

HB: 12. R. Barrack, 23. B. McKay, 17. A. Mullett

C: 36. J.  Williams, 11. M.  Hanson, 6. J.  Sharp

HF: 21. J. Simpkin, 44. C. Zurhaar, 92. N. Hrovat

F: 78. L. Thomas, 40. N. Larkey, 76. J. Anderson

R: 57. H. Boyd, 34. K. Turner, 4. T. Gribble

Int: 63. T. Ellard, 10. J. Maishman, 2. M. Munro, 32. J. Corbett, 8. H. King, 37. W. Fordham, 29. D. Brew, 27. E. Petterwood, 58. L. Pinnuck, 65. S. Amarantidis, 60. N. Buykx, 46. M. Taylor

23P: 94. T. Xerri

 In: A. Mullett, N. Hrovat, H. King, C. Zurhaar, J. Simpkin, S. Amarantidis, N. Larkey, K. Turner, J. Williams
Out: M. Sodomaco

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Going to the luncheon pre game with sammy kekovich. Will no doubt be very entertaining.


Will roast lamb be on the menu ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Wally from Will...
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Highlights of the '78 Prahran v Preston (as distinct from Northern Blues) GF to be shown during the luncheon.

Did Kecka give Harold Martin a bit of a slap in the goal square at the Fitzroy St end of the ground in that game?  

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Congratiulations Ben Jolley.  A great serviceman of the Williamstown Football Club that has achieved a feat increasingly rare in VFA/VFL football and should rightly be held as one of the greats of the competition, not just the Seagulls.


- Live stream


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They are going to be grand finalists Williamstown.

I watched he'd the game on the live stream.. A very enjoyable game and call.

Williamstown just looked more impressive as the game wore on.

With a home final in the first round, only a big upset would see them drop out before the 4th week of finals.


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After a few losses early in season Williamstown have been the superior team with only one blemish at windy hill over past 2 months. Will get home final and one to beat. Luncheon with keka guest speaker was great. What a great weekend with 2 great turns. Fred cook function Saturday and keka yesterday. Plus the old vfa teams had big wins. Two more rounds and hopefully willy will be on top and port to at least third thus avoiding each other in first week of finals. Want a willy v port gf !!!