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VFL R18 - Casey v Williamstown


Round 18 – 19/08/2017


Casey Fields
Casey Demons

B: 59. S. Frost, 1. J. Hutchins, 64. A. Brayshaw

HB: 65. J. Watts, 44. T. Bugg, 6. J. Munro

C: 19. M.  Hannan, 54. J.  Trengove, 15. B.  Stretch

HF: 45. D. Keilty, 26. S. Weideman, 48. C. Maynard

F: 2. B. Fritsch, 55. L. Hulett, 63. J. Wagner

R: 34. M. King, 69. B. Kennedy, 57. J. Kennedy-Harris

Int: 24. G. Lok, 9. M. Gent, 23. M. Cox, 5. W. Collis, 35. A. Ferreira, 17. E. Morris, 49. N. Foote, 51. B. Giobbi, 7. Y. Zijai, 36. D. Johnston, 27. A. Scott, 25. D. Gordon

23P: 42. M. Lefau


In: C. Maynard, S. Frost, M. Hannan, M. Cox, A. Brayshaw, J. Wagner, S. Weideman, M. Lefau, T. Bugg, D. Johnston, N. Foote

Out: C. Salem,  D. Johnstone,  C. Porter




B: 17. J. Charleston, 7. N. Sing, 21. J. Tippett

HB: 35. B. Myers, 30. K. Gray, 16. B. Bewley

C: 22. J.  Pickess, 6. M.  Gibbons, 5. L.  Schultz

HF: 10. L. Masters, 13. A. Cordy, 19. D. Kempster

F: 33. T. Currie, 14. A. Siposs, 2. B. Cavarra

R: 49. N. Meese, 9. A. Marcon, 24. W. Wheeler

Int: 27. J. Chisari, 26. J. Newman, 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 36. T. Davies, 47. L. Bramble, 20. M. Norton, 40. B. Monk, 11. J. Dorgan

23P: 32. T. Condon


In: T. Davies, D. Kempster, M. Norton, C. Buykx-Smith, L. Bramble, B. Monk, B. Bewley, T. Currie, K. Gray

Out: S. Dunell, J. Pongracic, J. Greiser, P. Faulks, B. Jolley

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Good strong win by Casey, unbeaten at home this year, although having Watts, Frost and Bugg helped, with Willy resting a few including Jolley.

Made me sick when they played the Melbourne theme song after the win, strutting around in their Melbourne pink and blue guernseys.For good measure the  Channel 7 player interviews after the game were Watts and Bugg.

What a joke the competition has become.