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VFL R18 - Coburg v North Ballarat


Round 18 – 19/08/2017


Piranha Park

B: 5. R. Exon, 10. S. Gregory, 9. N. Blair

HB: 37. J. Corigliano, 43. K. Brown, 4. K. Posar

C: 11. B.  Mullane, 26. L.  Hunt, 2. P.  Lawlor

HF: 3. H. Kerbatieh, 12. P. McEvoy, 47. M. Conn

F: 1. B. Allan, 25. T. Cleary, 58. S. Lowson

R: 34. T. Curtis, 8. N. Mellington, 15. J. Iacobaccio

Int: 6. M. Orr, 28. C. Byrne, 14. M. Ercolano, 49. R. Karpany, 17. S. Donnelly, 38. D. Aujla, 27. L. Bunker, 19. M. Mattingly

23P: 20. J. Velissaris


In: T. Curtis, J. Velissaris, M. Mattingly, D. Aujla, R. Karpany, N. Blair, M. Orr

Out: B. Bailey,  T. Goodwin,  C. Roberts



North Ballarat

B: 22. J. Wheelahan, 24. B. Simpson , 16. O. Tate

HB: 2. T. Lockyer, 35. X. Vearing, 23. S. Lyle

C: 25. M.  Rodd, 36. C.  Perry, 8. L.  Cassidy

HF: 7. L. Kiel, 26. J. McQueen, 5. J. Keeble

F: 11. M. Austin, 42. H. Walters, 12. A. Hooper

R: 38. N. Hausler, 9. L. George, 15. B. Lusby

Int: 21. J. Cooke-Harrison, 34. T. Speirs, 30. B. Edwards, 41. N. Weightman, 31. B. Jones, 28. K. Waterbury, 29. A. Cleary, 19. C. Lee

23P: 32. L. Huppatz


In: A. Cleary, L. Huppatz, T. Speirs, K. Waterbury, J. Cooke-Harrison, C. Lee, M. Austin

Out: L. Meek, C. Wellings, F. Appleby

Ron Burger
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Skipper missing is a massive out for Coburg.

I'm not confident at all of this one. 

Loser gets the wooden spoon. 

Fingers crossed it's the Roosters.

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Same thing happened last year in the last round. Roosters v Dolphins for the wooden spoon. Wonder if the Roosters will prevail again?

Hey Ron, is the Cleary lad playing for Coburg related to Phil? I remember he had a son playing for them a couple of years ago? Cant remeber his first name it was very unusual.


Ruairi Cleary is Phil's son. It's basically the Gaelic version of Rory.

The Cleary playing for Coburg this year is is Tom, no relation, recruited from Glenorchy in Tasmania.

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Thanks Paul.

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Should be a willing game. Coburg to prevail by 2 goals.

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Even minus the skipper, I'm also picking Coburg to get up in this one... Just over 4 goals, mainly due to the Roosters playing away.


Ron Burger
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Very exciting finish at Piranha Park yesterday. When the opposition skipper kicked their 5th in a row to lead by 9 points halfway through the last, I couldn't help but feel it was slipping away.

Somehow the boys found something special to nail the last three goals of the game to snatch our second win of the year! 

Very pleased for the players and Germo as they've suffered through a very difficult year. Avoiding the wooden spoon is some consolation, but I doubt the Roosters will be around next year, so we have to improve in many areas to become competitive at VFL level in 2018