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VFL R18 - Richmond v Sandringham


Round 18 – 20/08/2017


Punt Road Oval

B: 42. R. Garthwaite, 11. J. Batchelor, 53. H. Beasley

HB: 28. T. Hunt, 51. S. Darley, 15. J. Short

C: 64. T.  Silvestro, 30. R.  Conca, 37. C.  Menadue

HF: 27. S. Lloyd, 43. T. Elton, 38. S. Morris

F: 44. T. Stengle, 24. B. Griffiths, 29. S. Bolton

R: 16. S. Hampson, 26. A. Miles, 54. J. Ballard

Int: 20. I. Maric, 47. I. Soldo, 41. M. Chol, 21. J. Townsend, 58. J. Aarts, 61. J. Fletcher, 78. D. Coffield, 57. B. Wood, 31. O. Markov, 32. C. Ellis, 36. C. Moore, 7. B. Lennon

23P: 83. D. Smith


In: A. Miles, D. Smith , J. Aarts, R. Conca, J. Fletcher, B. Griffiths, H. Beasley, I. Soldo, S. Morris, C. Ellis

Out: S. Mannagh,  J. Graham




B: 61. D. Joyce, 20. E. Le Grice, 13. J. Noone

HB: 70. D. McKenzie, 71. L. Pierce, 75. B. Rice

C: 39. E.  Phillips, 32. J.  Lonie, 9. M.  Cook

HF: 1. D. Weickhardt, 36. J. Battle, 7. C. Rich

F: 62. R. Connellan, 77. R. Marshall, 69. J. Holmes

R: 30. T. Hickey, 63. N. O’Kearney, 2. K. Answerth

Int: 87. S. Gilbert, 51. B. Bailey, 35. H. Brayshaw, 16. M. Hayes, 95. K. Stevens, 79. M. Weller, 21. J. Fox, 90. J. Steele, 65. B. White

23P: 31. A. Sakeson


In: S. Gilbert, K. Stevens, J. Steele, D. Joyce, D. McKenzie, B. White, B. Rice, J. Fox, M. Weller

Out: R. Atkins, B. Long, J. Fisscher, N. Wright


Richmond seconds by 35pts over St kilda seconds

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Geez thats a strong Richmond side.

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Hampson is worth 5 goals to the zebras. Dud !! Griffiths breaks down all the time. Has played a handful of reasonsble games but not guaranteed to last the 4 quarters. Rowan marshall ex rooster has done well at vfl level and looks ready as a future afl player who will do well. Shai bolton potential star.


The Richmond players have a lot more to play for with the seniors in the finals.Ill be happy when this bastard season is over and we get some clarity on where the SFC is headed

The only highlight is the Saints missing the finals.


Sam Lloyd 50 disposals 4 goals

Anthony Miles 45 disposals


Richmond won by 70 points

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Jacob townsend who has been great at vfl level stood out at subiaco oval for the tigers.

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Richmond were too slick for the Zebs winning by 70. I'm hopefull of a better result next Saturaday against the Roosters.

Billy.... you rated the Zebs too high with your 35 point marging.