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VFL R4 - Geelong v Box Hill


Round 4 - 06/05/2017
Simonds Stadium


B: 8. J. Kolodjashnij, 20. R. Gardner, 66. J. Edwards

HB: 36. T. Ruggles, 44. T. Stewart, 15. M. Hayball

C: 42. M.  O'Connor, 16. S.  Selwood, 31. J.  Cunico

HF: 64. T. Atkins, 30. T. House, 65. S. McLachlan

F: 38. J. Henry, 12. W. Buzza, 56. B. Reid

R: 9. Z. Smith, 51. J. Tsitas, 27. S. Menegola

Int: 54. R. Condy, 45. R. Abbott, 17. E. Ratugolea, 37. S. Simpson, 61. M. Thompson, 52. A. Hickey, 50. D. Capiron, 58. B. Moloney

23P: 74. J. Gow

In: T. Stewart, E. Ratugolea, M. Thompson, Z. Smith, S. Menegola, S. Simpson, R. Condy
Out: J. Jones,  R. Stanley,  Z. Guthrie

Box Hill Hawks

B: 35. H. Morrison, 34. K. Heatherley, 71. J. Sicily

HB: 68. T. Duryea, 30. K. Brand, 1. D. Mirra

C: 31. R.  Henderson, 69. W.  Langford, 74. W.  Hartung

HF: 67. D. Howe, 75. R. Schoenmakers, 61. B. Whitecross

F: 37. B. Hardwick, 77. T. Vickery, 39. M. Lewis

R: 32. J. Fitzpatrick, 63. J. O'Rourke, 40. K. Stewart

Int: 62. C. Nash, 64. C. Glass, 5. M. Warren, 10. W. Hams, 41. O. Hanrahan, 12. C. Jones, 28. L. Cox, 13. N. Evans, 7. A. Brolic, 2. A. Moore, 24. S. Switkowski, 66. J. Cousins

23P: 45. N. Lane

In: W. Hartung, C. Nash, W. Langford, O. Hanrahan, C. Jones, L. Cox, D. Howe, B. Hardwick, K. Brand, S. Switkowski, J. Sicily
Out: M. Pittonet, T. Miles, D. Willsmore

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VFL 2017: Geelong focused on uncontested marks in clash against Box Hill

From the Geelong Advertiser
Reported by Damian RACTLIFFE
Full article - Click here
UNCONTESTED marks will again be a focus for Geelong’s VFL side this week, especially against a slick Box Hill outfit, according to coach Shane O’Bree.

It’s one of the few key performance indicators O’Bree highlights to his players on a whiteboard at the breaks — along with inside-50s, tackles and clearances.

Twice the Cats’ opposition’s marks have heavily impacted the game.

Werribee dominated the statistic in the opening term of their season opener — 20 to 11 — before Geelong cut off the Tigers’ short leads to wrest back momentum and ultimately victory.

Meanwhile, Port Melbourne tore Geelong apart on the 45-degree kicks in Round 2 — 115 to 84 — to control possession and record a 51-point thrashing win.

“That’s a massive focus for us this weekend,” O’Bree said.

“Hawthorn (Box Hill’s AFL affiliate), they know how to control the game and keep hold of the ball, so that will be a massive focus for us early in the game.”

The Hawks go into the contest undefeated and O’Bree said they would provide solid indication of where his side sat in the competition.

eelong VFLW coach Paul Hood, Geelong VFLW player Bec Goring, Geelong VFL Tom Atkins and Geelong VFL coach Shane O'Bree. The teams will play a double header at Simonds on Saturday. Picture: Peter Ristevski

“Beating Willy at Willy is obviously good form and they beat the Doggies first round as well — obviously the Bulldogs are the reigning premiers in the VFL, but they’re a quality VFL team,” he said.

“So they (the Hawks) are up and about and they’ve got a lot of experience and some good youth coming through too, so it’ll be an exciting game.”

But O’Bree said his side would gain confidence from its Round 3 win over Casey in which his side recorded 55 to 33 second half uncontested marks to record a six-goal victory.

“They get more belief when you go in with certain little things you want to work on and they come off,” he said.

“We’ve showed the boys this week if we do it as a team and really work on it during the week and it does work on game day, you’ve got to believe in it and do it majority of the time.

“It’s a great challenge against Box Hill that are three and zip; they’ve got a lot of experienced AFL players playing for them so it’ll be a good challenge for our boys as a collective really and I’m looking forward to it.”

O’Bree also heaped praise on midfielders Tom Atkins and Sam McLachlan who were yesterday selected in the VFL’s 42-man state squad to host the WAFL on May 27 at North Port Oval.

“It’s credit to those two boys. They had a really good season last year and they’ve backed it up the start of this year too, so I’m glad for those boys to get to try out and hopefully they make the team,” he said.