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VFL R5 - Essendon v Geelong

Round 5 - 13/05/2017
Windy Hill


B: 25. A. Morgan, 50. J. Ferry, 60. B. McNiece

HB: 8. M. Gleeson, 10. A. Francis, 39. H. Hocking

C: 57. N.  Hind, 5. B.  Stanton, 54. N.  O'Brien

HF: 20. J. Merrett, 51. A. Boyse, 30. K. Langford

F: 77. N. Holmes, 44. S. McKERNAN, 16. J. Begley

R: 2. T. Bellchambers, 40. B. Howlett, 24. C. Bird

Int: 38. S. Draper, 62. M. Luxford, 27. M. Redman, 37. D. Clarke, 65. O. Uysal, 56. J. Peters, 34. J. Long, 63. M. Darby

23P: 69. A. Marklew

In: B. McNiece, A. Francis, B. Stanton, K. Langford, N. Holmes, M. Gleeson, N. Hind, B. Howlett
Out: J. Stewart,  B. Dobson,  B. Laguda,  K. Mutch


B: 52. A. Hickey, 20. R. Gardner, 15. M. Hayball

HB: 36. T. Ruggles, 50. D. Capiron, 39. Z. Guthrie

C: 21. J.  Murdoch, 16. S.  Selwood, 51. J.  Tsitas

HF: 64. T. Atkins, 30. T. House, 11. D. Lang

F: 23. A. Black, 12. W. Buzza, 56. B. Reid

R: 45. R. Abbott, 40. J. Thurlow, 31. J. Cunico

Int: 66. J. Edwards, 41. J. Jones, 17. E. Ratugolea, 37. S. Simpson, 58. B. Moloney, 75. C. Mitchell, 72. T. McMullan, 65. S. McLachlan

23P: 74. J. Gow

In: J. Thurlow, D. Lang, J. Jones, C. Mitchell, J. Murdoch, A. Black, Z. Guthrie, T. McMullan
Out: M. O'Connor, J. Henry, M. Thompson, J. Kolodjashnij

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Essendon   1.3  6.6  11.12  17.14 (116)
Geelong   3.3  4.3  6.4  8.7 (55)

Essendon : Boyse 3 Marklew 3 Bellchambers 3 Begley 2 Langford 2 Holmes  Howlett  Merrett  Bird 
Geelong: Tsitas 3 Black 2 Cunico  Reid  Buzza 

Essendon : Bird Draper Gleeson Stanton Hocking Bellchambers
Geelong: Tsitas Gow Atkins Gardner Mitchell Cunico

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Geelong VFL: Horror loss to Bombers leaves Cats licking wounds

GEELONG coach Shane O’Bree has flagged swinging the axe after his side suffered a horror loss to Essendon in the VFL today.

The Cats led by 17 points after Jordan Cunico snapped truly early in the second term, before conceding 11 of the next 13 goals in a Bombers blitz to suffer a 17.14 (116) to 8.7 (55) defeat.

The visitors had 66 kicks in the opening 30 minutes but were limited to just 97 in the remaining three terms, and they lost the inside-50 count 68-29 after a 22-2 lopsided second quarter.

The Cats also won the contested possession count by 11 in the first quarter, before being beaten in the statistic by 22 by the final siren.

Midfielder James Tsitas was a shining light in the loss with 17 possessions, nine of them contested, and three goals, but the standout Cats were few and far between.

Scott Selwood led the Cats in disposals with just 21 touches — to go with a team high 10 tackles — while Jackson Thurlow (19 disposals), Darcy Lang (19 disposals) and Tom Ruggles (15 disposals) were in and out of the game.

Aaron Black was busy early with two goals in the opening stanza, but failed to add to his tally with just five touches after the first change.

The Cats meet Footscray away from home next Saturday, the Dogs also coming off a defeat to Port Melbourne today.