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VFL R9 - Coburg v Port Melbourne


Round 9 – 17/06/2017


Piranha Park



B: 5. R. Exon, 10. S. Gregory, 9. N. Blair

HB: 15. J. Iacobaccio, 34. T. Curtis, 19. M. Mattingly

C: 1. B.  Allan, 26. L.  Hunt, 4. K.  Posar

HF: 58. S. Lowson, 35. C. Holdsworth, 21. N. Dodge

F: 11. B. Mullane, 12. P. McEvoy, 3. H. Kerbatieh

R: 29. T. Goodwin, 8. N. Mellington, 27. L. Bunker

Int: 28. C. Byrne, 33. B. Bailey, 42. H. Blythe, 40. J. El Moussalli, 37. J. Corigliano, 24. Z. Wunhym, 18. M. Merlo, 47. M. Conn

23P: 50. A. Tilley


In: J. Corigliano, J. El Moussalli, M. Conn, C. Byrne, Z. Wunhym

Out: M. Kovacevic


Port Melbourne

B: 3. L. Tynan, 21. L. Cook, 16. D. Viojo-Rainbow

HB: 5. S. Lange, 31. B. Mihocek, 29. C. Cain

C: 30. B.  Murdoch, 10. T.  Pinwill, 27. D.  Mascitti

HF: 32. B. Pearson, 2. K. Haretuku, 35. E. Templeton

F: 7. D. Conway, 6. J. Lisle, 28. R. Nahas

R: 36. L. Waddell, 4. T. O’Sullivan, 20. S. Dwyer

Int: 12. J. Tynan, 19. A. Anastasio, 40. S. Clarke, 13. T. Gordon, 22. M. Arnot, 11. M. Golby, 8. D. Van Unen, 14. I. Conway

23P: 74. L. Cunningham

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Quarter time in what was a pretty average game so far. The flat footy was changed in time on, hopefully that was the only cause!

Coburg 1.3.9
Port 2.2.14

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Half time
Coburg 4.4.28
Port 5.6.36

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Three quarter time, Port beginning to pull away..

Coburg 6.4.40
Port Melbourne 10.10.70

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Not being sarcastic but I thought Coburg did ok. Good pressure and tested us at times. Score not indicative of the game. Great club and I wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

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16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Burger
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We just can't kick a winning score unfortunately.

Felt the first half was an error riddle arm wrestle but entertaining all the same. 

Unfortunately, experience and size showed out in the end with the Port talls managing to dominate as the game wore on.

0-9 who would have thought? 

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Shocking game early.. Both sides making some awful errors in what was a very lacklustre game early.  Even the crowd was strangely silent I thought, but that could have been from the loud hum of the air compressor for the kids jumping castle!


I'm not sure  where you find the match summary with bests and goal kickers on the VFL website anymore, but here are Ports via Twitter.

CoburgFC 8.6 54
PortMelbourneFC 18.10 118

FT GOAL KICKERS: Cunningham 3, Lisle 3, D. Conway 3, Lange 2, Nahas 2, Wenn, Golby, Templeton, Pearson, Haretuku.

Today's Best Players v. CoburgFC: Toby Pinwill, Isaac Conway, Brody Mihocek, Damian Mascitti, Louis Cunningham, Khan Haretuku.


The second half, particularly the last quarter was where Port put the foot down and really improved.  The longer the game went, the more the Borough were able to string passages of play together.


Cunningham looks a gun at this level. So unlikely that we will see him at Port Melbourne next year.  Wenn's goal late in his debut game was celebrated in fine style and desptire the rusty start to the game.. (coming off the bye) it was a good effort.


Coburg played accountable footy and will win a game or two this year, its just a matter of putting it all together.  I can see point Ron Burger about the forward line issues.


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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Coburg 1.3-9 4.4-28 6.4-40 8.6-54
Port Melbourne 2.2-14 5.6-36 10.10-70 18.10-118




Goal Kickers: N. Dodge 3, S. Lowson, P. McEvoy, A. Tilley, H. Blythe, J. El Moussalli
Best Players: J. Iacobaccio, T. Goodwin, R. Exon, L. Hunt, B. Bailey, J. El Moussalli



Goal Kickers: D. Conway 3, J. Lisle 3, L. Cunningham 3, S. Lange 2, R. Nahas 2, M. Golby, K. Haretuku, B. Pearson, E. Templeton, M. Wenn
Best Players: T. Pinwill, I. Conway, B. Mihocek, D. Mascitti, L. Cunningham, K. Haretuku



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Coburg pretty competitive for most of the piece. Was good to see small but passionate crowds cheering on both Coburg and Port. 

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two


Your not on your Pat Malone Ronnie boy !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Welcome aboard BellstreetBill.  

Did you happen to go out to Peter Germans huddle at Quarter time?  He must have given the players a massive blast.  We could easily hear him over at the Port huddle.

Offtopic, first time I've tried that Coburg brewery stall in front of the Grand stand.  Not a bad drop at all.


Which reminds me...Can Coburg faithful tell me if there has been any movement on the Coburg grand stand re-opening?

An old thread on the topic -


The fire was back in 2004.  Its been 13 years and still hasn't been repaired!