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Ron Burger
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Yep - he went nuts on Kerbatieth for not putting defensive pressure on when the ball went inside 50 as Port were bouncing it out too easily.

Personally, I've had it up to here with his incessant ranting. It's grown exceptionally tired and frankly doesn't suit a young list which will become competitive if they stick together for a couple of seasons. No wonder we turn over our list so much. If I had the choice of getting $2000 at local where I'd be treated like a god, versus copping sprays like that and getting $500 max. I know what I'd do.

My mail is that's what sent Younan, Uysal, Thomas, Clifton, Carnell, Featherstone, Mance, McConnell, Johns, Lehmann, et al back to the suburbs. 

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Cheers for the welcome NorthPort. Wasn't out at the huddle but was grabbing a beer (the Pentridge Pale goes even better than the Lager) and could clearly hear him doing his nut. As ronburger alluded to it seems to be a pretty common occurrence.

He's clearly got a great passion for Coburg but one wonders if he is carrying out the correct approach with the list profile being what it is.

No idea with the grandstand, only get to 4 or 5 home games due to work so don't tend to get much mail. Gets sadder every year seeing the grand old girl in such a state though.



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We'll kill 'em

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Ron Burger
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This is Germo's 4th year as senior coach and I'll give him massive credit for his first two. We started from ground zero in 2014, and he managed to drag the players through to 5 wins and got Saad drafted.

2015 was clearly his best, we got to an 7-9 win/loss and were nearly 4 goals up at home against Casey, win that and finals were likely. Hartley got drafted by Essendon. The team was far better defensively and conceded competitive scores in all but a couple of games. 

After that, well similar to this year we started with no wins, and were able to hit some decent form around this time of the year to jag 5 games again. This season has been nothing but a train wreck. A few close shaves with "honourable losses" but the song yet to be sung aside from the Development matches.

As I posted here before the massive issue is huge player and coaching turnover (much more than other clubs, which are significant anyhow). If we don't retain experienced players, then culture can't develop, but if the club is led by a coaching approach replete with intimidation and anger (mistakenly referred to as passion in my opinion), players and coaches continue to walk out the door as they get sick of it.

It's got to stop and hopefully someone makes a smart decision at the end of the year and appoints a teaching coach who can Nurture these young players in a welcoming and positive environment.

Otherwise, we will go out of business within 2 years.

Wally from Will...
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Interesting that he got shown the door at Willi despite making the preliminary final in every year that he coached, including the 2011 GF that we don't talk about.

Also, he was development coach at Footscray when they went stand-alone but they didn't appoint him as head coach, plus he had the pub in Footscray.


Fair comment Ronnie. I think Germo's worst enemy is himself not his football knowledge or coaching ability.

All coaches should do some tuition on peoples skills & man management.

Germo lost me the day at Keilor when he paid out on Brett Goodes & his comments mostly disrespectful could be heard through the thin walls of the clubrooms.


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Wally from Will...
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Was Goodesie playing for Willi or The Roosters that day, digs?


Willy Wal !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Wally from Will...
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i do remember that game, we played at Keilor while our ground was being redeveloped.

The Roosters won in a tight finish, Goodsie did miss a fairly easy shot at goal & could appear laconic at times.

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He had a dummy spit last year as well when we played them at home. Do it too often and it looses it's effect as players will switch off and say to themselves yeah yeah here we go again.

Coburg beer very good, yes, I'm a fan.

Maybe one for the Coburg fans... Are the crowds down at Piranha Park. ? Could have sworn that the last two times I had been there to watch port the crowds were larger even though Saturday was a nice day. Team performance keeping crowd away ? I reckon 600 were there on Sat.

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Ron Burger
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I didn't manage a head count tbh but I'd have to say Port fans probably outnumbered the Lions contingent which is of itself a big concern.

No wins = less passing interest. 

Bring in a younger coach with fresh ideas and a less abrasive demeanour and all that could turn around pretty quickly.