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If I was to quickly estimate I'd say about 600-700, with probably a stronger port contingent.

Been dragging a few different mates down each time, all have enjoyed the 'game day experience' at City Oval to borrow a sickening AFL media phrase, but without the wins it's hard to get people to buy in.

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two

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The Pentridge Pale Ale.. Sensational!

Re: Peter German giving the players a blast at 3/4 time.  Agree that you can only 'go to the well' so many times, before it loses it's impact.  And yes given the young list, a more pragmatic and nurturing/educational style of coaching might get better results for Coburg.


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Nth Port you can get the results, stats and match details on the other site on their homepage. Scroll down to Fixtures and Results, and there is a slider with the final scores of each match. Click on details in the box with the game you want.

They have done a good job hiding it away from everyone, and it appears they have done away the 'Live Scores' page which also contained best players and goalkickers for the ones and Dev games.


The new website just isn't all that functional, sadly, it's almost like it hasn't been completed yet with links that don't seem to work all over the place. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Until then l use the Sportstg site for results, ladders etc: