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VFL R9 - Northern Blues v Werribee


Round 9 – 17/06/2017



Northern Blues

B: 47. C. Sheehan, 43. S. White, 7. D. Buckley

HB: 59. C. Byrne, 70. H. Macreadie, 49. D. Armfield

C: 72. S.  Kerridge, 32. N.  Graham, 60. J.  Pickett

HF: 31. P. Kerr, 48. K. Jaksch, 67. C. Polson

F: 5. B. Smedts, 19. H. McKay, 56. A. Gallucci

R: 15. A. Phillips, 33. R. Palmer, 1. T. Wilson

Int: 76. K. LeBois, 21. C. Barrett, 13. C. O’Shea, 8. L. Russell, 34. J. Glass-McCasker, 6. G. Strachan, 50. D. Gorringe, 20. D. Stevens

23P: 52. S. Fowler


In: G. Strachan, D. Gorringe, S. Fowler, C. Barrett, J. Glass-McCasker, D. Stevens

Out: J. Corboy,  B. Boekhorst



B: 48. N. Meredith, 22. S. Durdin, 60. N. Buykx

HB: 12. R. Barrack, 26. D. Nielson, 9. A. Swallow

C: 37. W.  Fordham, 11. M.  Hanson, 39. M.  Hibberd

HF: 36. J. Williams, 40. N. Larkey, 76. J. Anderson

F: 44. C. Zurhaar, 38. M. Daw, 78. L. Thomas

R: 31. B. Preuss, 4. T. Gribble, 7. D. McFarlane

Int: 63. T. Ellard, 10. J. Maishman, 56. M. Augerinos, 6. J. Sharp, 2. M. Munro, 5. J. Jones, 18. J. Cleeland, 46. M. Taylor

23P: 29. D. Brew

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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Northern Blues 7.4-46 9.5-59 12.10-82 15.13-103
Werribee 4.0-24 9.6-60 16.7-103 18.9-117



Goal Kickers: K. Jaksch 3, N. Graham 2, R. Palmer 2, J. Pickett 2, A. Gallucci, H. McKay, L. Russell, A. Phillips, K. LeBois, S. Kerridge
Best Players: S. White, R. Palmer, C. O''Shea, N. Graham, S. Kerridge, J. Pickett



Goal Kickers: N. Larkey 4, M. Daw 3, J. Maishman 3, J. Williams 2, L. Thomas 2, D. Nielson, W. Fordham, M. Augerinos, M. Munro
Best Players: A. Swallow, M. Hanson, T. Gribble, D. Nielson, D. McFarlane, N. Larkey


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From the North Melbourne Football Club website
Reported by Ricky Mangidis





Match result

Werribee 18.9.117 defeated Northern Blues 15.13.103

In action

Majak Daw (15 hit-outs, 9 disposals, 6 tackles, 4 marks, 3 goals)
Sam Durdin (left the field early)
Will Fordham (17 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal)
Mitchell Hibberd (17 disposals, 4 marks)
Nick Larkey (13 disposals, 5 marks, 4 goals)
Daniel Nielson (11 disposals, 2 marks, 1 goal)
Braydon Preuss (48 hit-outs, 18 disposals, 5 marks)
Andrew Swallow (28 disposals, 7 tackles)
Matthew Taylor (6 disposals, 2 tackles)
Lindsay Thomas (12 disposals, 2 goals)
Josh Williams (10 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals)
Cameron Zurhaar (15 disposals)

Story of the game

It was a shootout at Ikon Park between two in-form sides.

Werribee entered the game on a five-game winning streak, while the Northern Blues had won six in a row to sit inside the top four.

It was the Blues who started the faster, kicking seven first quarter goals to lead by as many as 28 points at one stage.

But Werribee responded in the second, in large part due to the performance of youngster Nick Larkey.

The first-year Roo kicked three goals in a second-term purple patch, allowing Werribee to enter the rooms in front by a solitary point at half time.

The pace of the game didn’t slow after the break, and again it was the Tigers who had the advantage in general play. A further seven goals to three pushed their lead out to 21 points with a quarter to play, and a sixth consecutive win was edging ever closer.

The Blues made a final push early in the last term, but Werribee steadied and eventually cruised to a 20-point win which places it right on the edge of the top four.

Best of the AFL

Andrew Swallow

Again dominant in his usual position as an inside midfielder, Swallow racked up the disposals all afternoon.

He finished with 28, along with seven tackles, putting his name forward for an AFL recall.

Best of the VFL

Tom Gribble

No player on the field had more disposals than Gribble’s 33.

Talking points

Larkey’s second term

Three goals in the second quarter from Larkey helped Werribee back from a deficit that had approached five goals.

He won the ball in a number of ways – contested marks, marks on the lead – and then made no mistake with the ensuing set shots.

“It was a really impressive game from Nick today,” Development Manager Ben Dyer told following the match.

“He was playing as our deepest forward a lot of the time and was able to present up and give us a really solid contest.”

Thomas’ return

After completing his three-match suspension, Thomas returned and was in the thick of the action from start to finish, ending with two goals and 12 disposals.

“He ran the game out pretty well,” Dyer said of Thomas’ performance.

“He had a focus on making sure that he came back and getting the other forwards organised with his experience, and that he worked to make sure the pressure was a big part of his game too.”

Swallow racks it up

In each of his VFL games this season, Andrew Swallow has found plenty of the ball. It continued at Ikon Park on Saturday, particularly early when Werribee was struggling to stay in the game.

“He got us going inside when the run of the game was against us a little bit,” Dyer said of Swallow’s performance.

“After quarter time he had a bit of attention in terms of a tag, so he was able to work through that and still contribute.

“The thing with Andrews is that even if he does get a tag he does his best work at the coalface so it doesn’t take away from his ability to pressure the opposition and tackle.”

Nielson continues his form

Tasked with the job on Harry McKay – Roo Ben’s brother – Nielson excelled.

McKay only kicked one goal, and Nielson was crucial at times with desperate defensive acts.

“For Dan, key defenders don’t need to get a lot of the ball to be doing their job,” Dyer explained.

“He had a really tough matchup today, so to see Dan compete well against McKay, hold his own and win some important one-on-ones was another step in the right direction.

“He’s had an impressive few weeks now, and with the continuity he’s getting in his game that he hasn’t had in the past, that’s paying dividends for him.”

Durdin forced from the field

In the early minutes of the afternoon, Sam Durdin was forced from the field after being on the receiving end of a head knock. He was unable to pass the concussion test and will be monitored during the week.