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VFL R9 - Richmond v Geelong


Round 9 – 17/06/2017


Punt Road Oval


B: 42. R. Garthwaite, 53. H. Beasley, 35. N. Broad

HB: 38. S. Morris, 28. T. Hunt, 51. S. Darley

C: 31. O.  Markov, 26. A.  Miles, 32. C.  Ellis

HF: 44. T. Stengle, 58. J. Aarts, 7. B. Lennon

F: 11. J. Batchelor, 41. M. Chol, 34. J. Graham

R: 20. I. Maric, 54. J. Ballard, 21. J. Townsend

Int: 67. B. Credlin, 55. R. Bathie, 64. T. Silvestro, 61. J. Fletcher, 78. D. Coffield, 80. A. Forato, 57. B. Wood, 62. J. Cass

23P: 83. D. Smith



B: 36. T. Ruggles, 20. R. Gardner, 75. C. Mitchell

HB: 42. M. O’Connor, 66. J. Edwards, 15. M. Hayball

C: 31. J.  Cunico, 64. T.  Atkins, 19. Q.  Narkle

HF: 30. T. House, 63. S. Dobson, 56. B. Reid

F: 41. J. Jones, 12. W. Buzza, 23. A. Black

R: 45. R. Abbott, 33. G. Horlin-Smith, 40. J. Thurlow

Int: 54. R. Condy, 38. J. Henry, 53. J. Thompson, 51. J. Tsitas, 50. D. Capiron, 58. B. Moloney, 72. T. McMullan, 74. J. Gow

23P: 57. J. Guthrie

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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Richmond 6.4-40 10.7-67 15.13-103 18.18-126
Geelong 3.1-19 5.5-35 10.5-65 12.5-77



Goal Kickers: S. Morris 4, T. Stengle 2, R. Bathie 2, B. Lennon 2, B. Wood 2, J. Ballard 2, T. Silvestro, J. Aarts, M. Chol, C. Ellis
Best Players: J. Ballard, J. Townsend, S. Morris, O. Markov, A. Miles, T. Stengle


Goal Kickers: S. Dobson 3, J. Thurlow 2, W. Buzza 2, J. Cunico, M. Hayball, J. Jones, D. Capiron, G. Horlin-Smith
Best Players: G. Horlin-Smith, J. Cunico, B. Reid, J. Thurlow, A. Black, R. Abbott


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 Mark StewartJackson Thurlow fires off a handball in action. Picture: Mark Stewart

VFL: Geelong VFL Cats get blown away by rampant Richmond Tigers

GEELONG proved no match for Richmond in it’s twilight match at Punt Road today, suffering a 49-point defeat, 18.18 (126) to 12.5 (77).

And the loss could become even more bitter too, with defender Tom Ruggles taken to hospital with a shoulder injury.

The two sides went goal for goal early before the home side established a three-goal buffer by the first change.

The Cats had periods of momentum but were punished on the turnovers as the Tigers continued to extend their lead.

Three unanswered majors early in the third to the visitors saw the 32-point halftime margin slashed back to 15 but the Tigers again got on top, pushing out to a 38-point lead at the final change, with fourth-quarter attempts to win the game deemed worthless.

Jordan Cunico impressed most from the numerous Cats searching for an AFL call-up.

He showcased his speed and line breaking ability as well as his quick hands to provide some highlight passages of play.

Quinton Narkle again proved lively in just his second game, while Jackson Thurlow was busy, although he turned over the ball a few times.

George Horlin-Smith’s struggled for consistency across the 120 minutes, but still put on a decent display.