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Essendon vs Williamstown at Windy Hill 12noon

Sandringham vs Coburg at Trevor Barker Oval,Sandringham 2pm

(Development League Match starts at 11am)

Port Melbourne vs Collingwood at North Port Oval 2pm

(Development League Port Melbourne vs Northern Blues at 11am)

Footscray vs Werribee at Whitten Oval 2pm

Box Hill Hawks vs Casey Demons at Box Hill 2:10pm (Channel 7,3WBC)

(Development League match at 11am)


RIchmond vs Northern Blues at Punt Road 12noon (VFL Live)

(Dev League) Williamstown vs Werribee at Burbank Oval,Williamstown 1:30pm

North Ballarat vs Geelong at Eureka Stadium 2pm


Looking forward to finally getting back to Sandringham for first time in 50 days on Saturday.

Willi's next home game is July 29, strange draw ...

Would just like to send my congratulations to Willy's timekeeper,Graeme Crocker who will do his 1500th match tomorrow at Windy Hill,an amazing achievement,Croc has also been Willy CC's scorer for about 40 years,known as the 'white out king'.

A true VFA,VSDCA legend.

I've had a better offer so I won't be at TBO .
Robbo..... let me know the stats on how many Sandy list players get a. run. (less to count than those from our AFL partner)


Well done Crock, an amazing achievement, strange the footy club hasn't mentioned it ....

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You know when to stay away Rocker !!

Billy will be on the warpath tonight.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Digs couldnt case less about the St kilda seconds wearing Zebra jumpers I wouldnt walk across the street to watch this rabble.

There were 17 Saints listed players today and in true defeatest St Kilda fashion they got done on their HOME ground by the winless bottom team

Im afraid the St Kilda losing mindset has infiltrated the Sandringham FC and it will take a long time to get rid of it if Sandy survives as a club!.

Sandringham   2.6  4.10  8.13  8.15 (63)
Coburg   1.1  5.4  9.7  13.10 (88)

Good to see the 'burgers on the winners list.

Peter Jackson VFL 2017

Essendon   4.1  8.2  14.2  15.7 (97)
Williamstown   3.2  6.7  10.8  12.10 (82)

Essendon : Begley 4 Ottavi 2 Long 2 Boyse  Hind  Myers  Hocking  Parish  Leuenberger  Clarke 
Williamstown: Schultz 4 Cordy 2 Masters 2 Gibbons  Dunell  Bewley  Dorgan 

Essendon : Parish Begley Brown Hocking Myers Mutch
Williamstown: Schultz Fahey Masters Bewley Newman Dunell

Peter Jackson VFL 2017

Port Melbourne   3.2  7.3  9.4  13.9 (87)
Collingwood   5.4  7.4  12.9  19.10 (124)

Port Melbourne: Nahas 4 Conway 3 Lisle 2 Pearson  Haretuku  Cook  Wenn 
Collingwood: Cox 6 Mayne 5 Kirby 3 Keeffe 2 Scharenberg  Daicos  Blair 

Port Melbourne: Haretuku Nahas Conway Mihocek Tynan O'Sullivan
Collingwood: Cox Scharenberg Keeffe Mayne Thomas Ramsay

Peter Jackson VFL 2017

Footscray   3.6  5.10  11.12  13.17 (95)
Werribee   2.4  3.7  7.8  10.11 (71)

Footscray: Bruhn 4 Nash 2 Webb  Gowers  Hamilton  Lipinski  Tashevski-Beckwith  Smith  Mullenger-Mchugh 

Peter Jackson VFL 2017

Box Hill Hawks   2.1  5.2  8.5  11.7 (73)
Casey Demons   5.1  7.7  11.9  14.15 (99)

Box Hill Hawks: Vickery 4 Brolic 2 Stewart 2 Jones  Willsmore  Adduci 
Casey Demons: Weideman 6 Fritsch 3 Scott 2 Morris  Cox  Gent 

Box Hill Hawks: Moore Cousins Stewart Whitecross Vickery Warren
Casey Demons: Kennedy Kennedy-Harris Weideman White Kent Trengove