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North Ballarat vs Northern Blues at MARS Stadium,Ballarat 1pm

Footscray vs Coburg at Whitten Oval 1pm

Port Melbourne vs Williamstown at North Port Oval 2pm

(Development League match at 11am)

Geelong vs Sandringham at Simonds Stadium 2:10pm (Channel 7)

Casey Demons vs Essendon at Casey Fields 7pm (Casey Radio)

(Development League Casey Demons vs Northern Blues 4pm)


Richmond vs Collingwood at Punt Road 10:20am (VFL Live)

(Dev League) Sandringham vs Coburg at Trevor Barker Oval,Sandringham 11am

Box Hill Hawks vs Werribee at Box Hill 2pm (3WBC)

(Development League match at 11am)



Some interesting games. Can the roosters break the ice ? Best chance against carlton seconds who are off the boil. Port v willy always a battle. Port after a loss against inform seagulls. Geelong v Sandringham both inconsistent. Who will turn up ? Geelong at home maybe or are the zebras back in form ? Casey v essendon at casey who might have a stronger team in as a few melbourne players resumimg. Maybe casey but bombers playing well. Richmond you would think would beat collingwood who were in form before a flogging by the seagulls. Game starts at 10.20am a real dew kicker time. Box hill should beat werribee who must have been pathetic at frankston. Before 2 weeks ago werribee have been great.

I read in  R13 Record that Port v Willy in R14 will be the 250th times they have met.  A lot of history and traditional rivalary between them.

Too important an ocassion to let .pass without recognisition and celebration.  Has VFA got the match details from their first encounter ?

Round 12 1886 at North Port Oval

Port Melbourne 6(6-8) defeated Williamstown 3(3-7) by 3 goals (behinds did not count then)

crowd 4000 courtesy

Port melbourne v Williamstown have a great rivalry dating back many a year. Would be great if they could play off in this years gf. I tipped this at seasons start and no reason to drop off. Williamstown are flying and at the moment team to beat although richmond gaining momentum and footscray, essendon and box hill chances. Port going well despite shock loss to sandy. Ideally would like both port and willy to finish in top four and not finish 1 v 4 or 2 v 3 therefore not playing each other in first final. Would then hope for a win by both and direct path to opposite prelims.

It would be graet to see them play off just to sh!t AFL Victoria but I think its long odds for it to happen esp as Port seem to have dropped off the pace.due to injuries and sudden departures.

Williamstown v port grand final would certainly piss off afl vic. I would rapt, so would you billy as well as blackrocker and a few of the old diehards on this forum. Williamstown are better than last year in fact i think they have a better team than 2015 when premiers. Port did lose to sandy but been gradually building. Still good enough to make it. Main threats box hill, Footscray, essendon and richmond.

Port seem to have struggled in games they have been expected to win.. Issues with preparation perhaps?

Hopefully champing at the bit and the Borough and Seagulls put on a classic for the 250th.


I reckon it will finally be party time up your way. The roosters WILL finally have a WIN. I am not trying to jinx them but the time is right for a win. With the Northern Blues off the boil in recent weeks and the roosters playing at home they will finally break the ice. Wonder what odds they are ? Get on the roosters !!!

I've been thinking about that myself, it's the 1 million dollar question that has the whole of Bay St talking. My guess is that the side is mentally fatigued from getting all hyped up on the big match occasions and then when they play a lower side relax due to a false sense of security after going well against higher placed sides. That was just my theory, I guess nobody can really pinpoint the reason, maybe even not good enough to win consistently? It's a mystery that needs to be unravelled if this is going to be the YEAR OF THE BOROUGH!!!!

The VFLs most succesfull club




Roosters are $5.75 to win tomorrow. Get on digs the roosters will win. Even mega and burraburger might be backing the roosters at those odds ? ?