Footscray vs Box Hill Hawks at Whitten Oval 12noon(3WBC)


Sandringham vs Essendon at Trevor Barker Oval 2pm

(Development League Sandringham vs Box Hill Hawks at 11am)

Coburg vs Collingwood at Piranha Park 2:40pm(Channel 7)

Northern Blues vs AFL/AIS Academy at Etihad Stadium 4:10pm (C/R AFL Carl vs GC)


Richmond vs North Ballarat at Punt Road 12noon

Werribee vs Geelong at Spring Creek Reserve,Torquay 2pm


Williamstown vs Casey Demons at Burbank Oval 2pm(Casey Radio)

(Development League match starts at 11am)

Development League Byes: Coburg,Werribee

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So where were all the Sandy supporters?

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Great effort by the Burgers against an overrated overpaid bunch of phonies.

Why do the rules change against AFL teams, when it's wet & in the last 5 minutes of every game ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Sandy should have been further in front at Half Time. But good to hold onto the win.

it was nice to be involved in a winning team for first time in 343 days (15 games). For those that like trivia my first win away from Frankston in 1002 days(42 games).

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Billy.... I had a better offer; went to Mt Beauty for Easter.

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Like a lot of former Zebra supporters you will find they also have better things to do with their leisure time than watch the St Kilda seconds run around. 

Like me they would have very little interest in a club that has sold its soul.

If the situation dosent improve the former Sandringham Football Club will be dead and buried and St kilda will do what they like with the carcus

Hey Clarry how many Sandy listed players played today?.

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hey billy hand in your membership and go elswhere clarry


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Like most of the other Sandy supporters Eh? Why should I? I will hang in to the end.

If you want to see whats the future for the once mighty Zebras you dont need to go any further than this forum.

Where have all the fans of Preston,Box Hill Springvale gone that used to be regulars on here before their clubs were destroyed by the AFL clubs?At least Port,Willy and Coburg are still real footy clubs.

A question for you Clarry as you seem to be the only spokesman for the club being taken over by St Kilda

Just what is the agreement that the club has with St Kilda as it seems to be a secret?  

I  reckon a lot of people would like to know - well at least the few that are still hanging on in hope that the club wont disapper to Morrabbin in the next couple of seasons

I note with interest that some Saints fans on Big Footy are now calling the  Zebras the Sandringhan Saints.Nice work.

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Ron Burger
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Why complain about the direction of your club, yet "hang on until the end"? You either accept what the board of your club have done, or reject it and move on. 

You do realise you won yesterday. We lost, yet I feel more optimistic about Coburg than you obviously do about Sandringham. 

Makes little sense to me.

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Very good effort by coburg ronny. I thought they were very stiff to lose. Got some talent and will improve on that.

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My club is not like Coburg who have had the guts to go alone and good luck to them.

Mine has been white anted by people more interested in their own pockets than the future of the club I have followed for over 60 years..

They are now only the St Kilda seconds with the suckers at Sandy doing all the hard work for St Kilda just like the people at Presto,Box Hill and Springvale did and where are they now? I just wont be taking a great deal of interest anymore and esp not wasting time to go to matches.

Mark my word when St Kilda has Morrabbin up and running they will dump the Zebras pretty smartly and where will that leave the club? Up that well known creek!