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Its been a while since the VFL could call itself the second best competition in Aust. Getting worse every year. Better preparation would help and they could take a leaf from the MPNFL who selected their squad and started training in the pre season. 

Not going to help much if you havent got the talent though.....


The other piece of news from the game was Channel 7 stopping the game early.

final siren went at 27 min mark of last Qtr at 4:57pm. They left straight away for news.

after going back thru the vision there would have been around 2:05 still left in the game.

what a disgrace but how typical.


Did you count them 3 times ?

Ive been going to Norht Port Oval for over 65 years and that crowd was lucky to be even 500! A coule of hundred in the grandstand and maybe another 300 sparsely scattered around the ground It has to be one of the poorest crowds I have ever seen there.A total disgrace luckily the Victorian football public had zero interest in this match

I personally watched the second half of the WB v Siants match just to enjoy seeing the Saints get done again.


Pity they didnt turnit off at 3/4 time CH 7 would have hated showing this damaging effort by a second class VFL side


Robbo's recommendations to fix state league rep games 

1. No other VFL games to be played then weekend. The end to VFL dreamtime game.

2. When picking squad of 40 about 4 weeks before state game have them train once a week together before week leading up to game(3 games).

3. AFL Victoria just tell clubs all players are available if injury is a concern needs to be looked at by league independent doctor.

4. AFL Victoria need to promote it more similar to what SANFL do

5. look at other venues rather than North Port eg. Geelong, Eureka Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Oval, Frankston

WAFL faced this isssue after 2007 smashing at Port Melbourne so know it can be fixed.

under schedule should be a match vs NEAFL or TSL(home or away) next year.


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I think the game was played too early in the season (still in autumn) , Round 6 was held the week before, less than a third of the way through the season.  Not sure what  country venues would contribute.

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A night game at Geelong perhaps? I agree with your suggestions Robbo.

Would prefer to see the game a few weeks later in the season too.


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Maybe hold it at Frankston and as a curtain raIser they can have a rep game between the MPNFL and their opponent whoever that may be. Should be played on the weekend that the rep games are played throught Victoria. This way the rep game the MPNFL is a full on game and they crowd can stay for the main VFL rep game. They need to get a squad in early April and they should have at least 4 training sessions beforehand. Get a list of all players avaialble and those that deem themselves unvaialble for no reason should face an automatic one week club game ban. NO EXCUSES. There also should be no other VFL games including Essendon v Richmond who cares VFL game at Punt Road. If they do it on the weekend of the rep games throught Victoria this would not be on the same weekend of the AFL Indegenious round anyway so it won't impact anyway. They have to do something different as at the moment it is not good enough by the VFL. Saturday was a disgrace.   


Don't forget the venue also Robbo it became the laughing stock amongst the WA contingent. Realistically  it's nothing more than a cow paddock.

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I reckon one of your favorite pass times is fishing and one of your favorite shows is Rex Hunts fishing adventures because you sure do try and fish some borough supporters but they are too smart and don't bite. Everybody knows that Northport oval is the home of VFL football. A1 facilities, great central location, history, etc etc !

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