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Werribe to go stand alone 2018

North Melbourne to field standalone VFL team in 2018 after parting ways with Werribee

NORTH Melbourne will field a standalone VFL team next year.

The Kangaroos have parted ways with VFL affiliate Werribee and will field their own reserves team for the first time since 1999.

Werribee will also field its own team in 2018.

North Melbourne general manager of football Cameron Joyce said the move would further develop the Kangaroos young players..

I hope the powers that be at Sandy TAKE NOTE!

When St Kilda gets Morrabbin up and running they will also dump the Zebras quisk smart and have their own reserves..

No doubt the pro Saints mob in power now will get out and let others clean up the mess aka Nth Ballarat.

Ron Burger
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Worst kept secret in the VFL.

Plenty of lead in time and Werribee will have a brand new facility at their ground and a huge growth area to operate in. 

If any aligned club was well placed to do it, I'd say it would be the Tigers. Though Casey is also in a massive growth corridor. They've gone the other way with changing their name to the Demons. Still as Coburg has shown, it's only a name.

Best of luck to Werribee, and I guess North (not that they'll need it). 


We see what happens. They seem well placed for the reasons you mention.

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Yes i did hear about werribee several months ago. Huge area and werribee will do well as they have gradually been working towards it. North will be called north melbourne and majority games at arden street with a few at some obscure grounds i suspect. Back to 16 team comp in 2018

Ron Burger
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15 teams at best if Frankston return IMO as I can't see the Roosters proceeding beyond 2017. Would be good to have an even fixture though. 


I think this was always the plan wasn't it? Werribee to go stand alone once their redevelopment was done? Will be interesting to see what happens in Ballarat next year, whether there is a different VFL team or Footscray just plays a few games there. 


There will be a team from Ballarat but it may not be called the North Ballarat Roosters. 

Their not spending 40 million on a ground for North City to play on

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Who else would set up a new, standalone vfl club? Spend a million bucks a year to play against the AFL reserves?

Ron Burger
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I'd expect Western Bulldogs will play 3 - 4  AFL games at North Ballarat Oval, similar to Hawthorn and more recently North Melbourne in Tasmania. Split their 10 VFL and/or AFL reserves fixtures between Western Oval and North Ballarat Oval and it's got 9 - 10 weeks of AFL/VFL use out of the Bulldogs. 

North Melbourne may well also split its VFL games between Arden Street and NBO with AFL fixtures against interstate teams played at Ballarat too.

This would result in complete usage of the ground through a combination of WB and NM AFL low drawing fixtures and the balance AFL reserves games there in the non-AFL weeks.


What developments will take place at Arden St to bring the ground up to standard to hold games that attract crowds. T

hey put a fence around for AFL practice match but surely the council won't allow a fence to be constructed every couple of weeks and not in the community interest to have ground fenced off during week so what will happen. Yes don't charge to get in but its not like Victoria Park as they still have the terrace and grandstand nothing of the sought at Arden St.



Becoming more and more of a reserves comp... do they even care if it has crowd facilities?