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Women's and Junior football at Port Melbourne

Also mentioned in the Port Melbourne update distributed to members today was the following comment:


  1. Liaison continues with Council, the AFL and MPs regarding further ground development. In order to proceed in this area, we do need all of those parties to advise us how they perceive the ground and its usage moving forward – will it be the premier ground for such competitions as AFLW, VFL night games, etc.? – we certainly believe it should be.


Those ideas are great to see the club disucussing.  With the constant rumours of the demise of the Reserves/Development League competition... Something that has been in existance for so long and is essential for the health of any real football club that a pathway exists from Junior to Senior level.

I've been saying for years that the club should be looking at running junior football sides, U12/14/16s etc. 

I was also concerned that Port may have missed the boat on Women's football, which is a great chance to grow the membership and supporter base and access funding for women's sport which can go towards improving facilities at the club.

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Very good idea and I think that juniors are the way to go. Having said that - a junior set up will not necessarily equate to a larger match day crowd. For example the Port sharks soccer club who also plays in the best state based comp has got hundreds of juniors however you don't see many of them go watch the seniors play.

With the over hype of womens AFL and with the crowds flocking to this competition then NorthPort becoming a host to these games would help alot in the long term sustainability of the club.

Theirs also another concern - with the addition of players, extra training sessions, extra matches at Port - will the ground hold up ? It is struggling as is at the moment.

Also in that email i think it mentioned the Fred Cook tribute night ?Somebody asked me is this a fund raiser for the club or for Fred ?

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